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Mainnet Launch

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15 July 2018 07/15/2018T00:00 07/16/2018T00:00 UTC Credits: Mainnet Launch
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We are glad to announce that the development of the Credits blockchain platform is on its final stage and we are conducting a final internal test of smart contracts and the network stability. On July the 15th we are launching the pre-releases of the platform and working networks:

MainNet for the development of applications and services
TestNet for testing with the functions and MainNET tools.
The functions of the platform allow to work in various ways with smart contracts. For example, a developer will be enabled to write their own smart contract with deploy. Smart contract code can be saved or edited in Desktop Wallet, if necessary. The exact functions of a smart contract depend on its terms, but from the technical point of view the platform allows to fulfill almost any functions automatically. Among other

built-in programming language for smart contracts in Java
additional built-in functions
regulated calls of smart contract methods
built-in code validation tools
integration with external services using API
built-in chain integrity protection mechanism
This network version has the functions that previous releases had, as well as some new functions:

Transactions and inter-account transfer
Synchronization on the network
Innovative consensus algorithm DPoS+BFT
Multi-layer logic software structure
EDS algorithm based on ECDSA25519 technology
Blake2s hashcoding
Asynchronous data processing
Multi-platform software
Unique UDP-based bounded-buffer transport protocol
Conversion of data packages into binary format
LevelDB storage
Snappy data compression algorithm inside the storage

What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?

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26.6M USD
CMC Rank: 165
Coindar Social Index: 31
Algorithm: N/A
Proof type: N/A
Circulating supply: 143404049
Credits is listed on Lbank$927K Kucoin$222K$18.6K Mercatox$10.2K IDEX$2.47K Tidex$135 COSS$94 Coinbene$1
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Credits CS

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Credits CS

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