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0.036195556 ETH
17.3925 USD
1h +0.08%
24h -3.16%
7d +7.06%
Volume 24h
33.6K BTC
3.81B ETH
248M USD
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Hard Fork

12/12/2017T00:00 12/13/2017T00:00 UTC Ethereum Classic: Hard Fork
Starts on December 12, Tuesday
Event added 7 months ago. Changing the price after adding the event:
1 hour 0.83%
1 day 2.12%
2 days 17.60%
Now 4.21%

What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?

ETC details

Market Cap
1.79B USD
CMC Rank: 15
Coindar Social Index: 25
Own blockchain
Algorithm: Ethash
Proof type: PoW
Circulating supply: 103128376
ADHAM5 months ago.
The platform that supports the Hard Fork
evolintend7 months ago.
what coins are in your free tokens from every fork you morrons.
AdolfHodler7 months ago.
bagholders dont dump other updates will follow after this
antonycherny7 months ago.
Any one can write how get coins from this fork?
mmrs7 months ago.
MukulKunwar7 months ago.
ETC hardfork is so close but it isnt showing any significant movement. Will its price increase?
Rassool7 months ago.
Which exchanges will support this fork and will give us the tokens?
cryptocrazy7 months ago.
guys i have my classic in exodus , do i need to transfer it to any other wallet for fork or it will do in Exodus . Please respond.
MasriCoin7 months ago.
Which exchanges will support this fork and will give us the tokens?
imran_crypto7 months ago.
cryptocrazy wait till fork & see .........
cryptocrazy7 months ago.
How is the Price increase duering the fork or after the fork is judged , and who judges it
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