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Sugarverse CNDY: Synopsis Summit: Edition 5

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Colibri Group and Coindar are glad to announce the start of preparations for the Synopsis Summit: Edition 5. Synopsis is the leading blockchain & NFT online event provider, while Synopsis Summit is one of the largest online events on blockchain, crypto, esports, digital economy, and finance.

Synopsis 5 is packed with events. For the first time, all 5 summit days will be in English. The organizers have invited over 50 speakers hailing from reputable, ambitious, and disruptive blockchain companies. By the livestream time, the speaker list will be even longer. The summit is supported by over 100 partners and hopes to increase its audience to over 80,000 people (for reference, the audience of Synopsis 4 in January 2022 was 50,000+ people).

Synopsis Summit is supported by Theta Drop NFT marketplace by Theta Network and online streaming platforms by Theta Network and VeraEsports by Verasity. Viewers can watch Synopsis online and participate in interactive events free of charge. Participants who buy tickets can join prize draws and exclusive summit events.

Summit organizers are the industry’s first crypto calendar Coindar and the blockchain/crypto consultancy company Colibri Group.

Co-organizers of Synopsis 5 are BeInCrypto and HELO. BeInCrypto is an unbiased blockchain media that follows the principles of the Trust Project, a non-profit consortium of media organizations building standards of transparency, accuracy, inclusion, and fairness. HELO is a sustainable and regulatory-friendly decentralized platform that solves the key issues of blockchain technology through the maximized speed, security, environmental friendliness, and scalability of the Proof of Ethic consensus.

Partners of Synopsis: Ethereum, American Research and Policy Institute, WOO Network, Theta Network and ThetaDrop, Ontology, Curate, KuCoin, VeraEsports, 5IRE Chain, Wing Finance, Excavo, EXMO, MahaDAO, LuxFi, Everscale, Coinzilla, Solve.Care, WarDeFi, MOUSAI, ScaleSwap, Bitget, Partisia Blockchain, CoinPedia and many more pioneers of the digital transformation of the society.

Sponsors of Synopsis: HELO Blockchain, Algorand Foundation, Envelop, ARPA, Bella Protocol, Fairdesk, Solv Protocol, Gather Network, EXIP, NuPay Technologies, Prism NFT, SubGame, Game Lounge, Mooi Network, Post Voyager, GOMZ, Sugarverse, Plug Chain, Flat for Flip and Verasity.

Viewer sign-up: https://Synopsis.Events
Get the latest updates on Twitter: @SynopsisEvents

Event date: June 20 to 24, 2022 UTC
The event is about to begin
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