Feb 9 to Feb 18

ARTH & MahaDAO Quiz


What is ARTH?

ARTH is a decentralized algorithmic currency that aims to fight depreciation. Irrespective of which direction the market moves, ARTH coin holders will never lose their buying power. More details

What is MAHA?

MAHA is a governance token that empowers the token holders to vote on savings rates, stability fees, direction, strategy and future course of action for the ARTH coin. More details

To celebrate the Synopsis 2021 Summit, ARTH & MahaDAO is launching a technology quiz:

If you answer the questions about ARTH & MahaDAO correctly, you will participate in a lottery in which you can win cash prizes. If you don't know anything about ARTH & MahaDAO yet, you can use the tips.

10 lucky ones who answer all questions correctly will get 4 MAHA each!

Winners will be announced during the Synopsis 2021 Summit.

The event is about to begin


The quiz was attended by 913 participants, correctly answered the questions of 207 participants. The winners were chosen randomly among those who answered correctly.

Wallet Mail Prize
0x547cd8ff0652ced1d62525fc35890ffc7fc1c9bc bain******@m******** 4 MAHA
0x7448402df65dd891e0057ff46e931a427aebdf53 jony********@g********** 4 MAHA
0x6dfc375bf6c0d675624e8336e34981b478f07a56 oujo**********@g********** 4 MAHA
0x473f2fd1fd5705bd12b662c1c49ed4ae426394b8 shia*******@g********* 4 MAHA
0x6282dd26a0301ef0d21ff474e823349bb10bed75 Uata*********@g********** 4 MAHA
0x7dc5fe186c3cf236e5f0de35b79fd38fc0fec257 Datt**********@g********** 4 MAHA
0xe843d4adad08fa304db7bc3a5826b666cbd8080d tona**********@g********** 4 MAHA
0x96805cf2fad069c1c8523d98e3abf760b0016869 elin**********@y********** 4 MAHA
0xa055d2db4752d4d40ea718ee338efaed141d8aaf kule*********@g********** 4 MAHA
0x2f47dc642d2738ef93c053da54f9d55417167de8 xiul******@y********** 4 MAHA

What does ARTH aims to create?

A DEX with flexible fees
A new standard of money
An automatic yield farming protocol
The biggest NFT platform

What does ARTH coin fight?

Lack of collateral
Fiat money

How did ARTH launch?

On a pre-sale
Through mining
As seigniorage shares

What does the ARTH Global Measurement Unit include?

S&P500 ETF
USD, CNY, and top 100 cryptocurrencies
Fiat, gold, and Bitcoin
National bonds of G20 countries

What network hosts ARTH?

Ethereum & MATIC

What is ARTH?

A Dai-backed stablecoin
A rebase stablecoin
An elastic stablecoin
A government DC/EP

What are ARTH Bonds?

Tokens that are issued when ARTH is trading below its target price
Tokens that are issued when ARTH is trading above its target price
Tokens that are issued when ARTH is trading exactly at $1
Tokens issued as a reward for provision of liquidity by users

What concept did MahaDao introduce?

Algorithmic stablecoin
Non-collateralized stablecoin
Value coin

What is the main use case of MAHA?

A Polkadot liquidity token
A governance token to decentralize ARTH
A WAVES algorithmic stablecoin
A Binance Smart Chain staking token

What is one of the main innovations of MahaDao?

Gasless meta-transactions
The best yield in the market
The first four-token system in the market
The first security token with guaranteed doubling rewards
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