What is Game Lounge?

Game Lounge is the metaverse first gaming hub in which players’ will be able to own and personalise an NFT «gaming room» in order to: play multitude of P2E games, earn passively with in-room ads, socialise with their friends — all that in both desktop and VR setting.

— Customizable private lounges for players in the form of an NFT — NFT collection display — boast your NFT collection in front of your friends — Branded public lounges for marketing partners — Multitude of different P2E games with different game modes — ranking, tournament or duel — In-room advertising — generate passive income by displaying ads of your choice — Socialise with your friends — invite them to your room or go out with them to one of the public lounges

Game Lounge announces an Airdrop:

100 lucky ones who complete the airdrop conditions will receive 10 USDT in GLT or VIP Room NFT!