May 7 to May 21

Gather Quiz IV


What is Gather?

Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power.

To celebrate the Synopsis 2021 Summit, Gather is launching a technology quiz:

If you answer the questions about Gather correctly, you will participate in a lottery in which you can win cash prizes. If you don't know anything about Gather yet, you can use the tips.

10 lucky ones who answer all questions correctly will get 130 GTH each!

Winners will be announced during the Synopsis 2021 Summit.

The event is about to begin


The quiz was attended by 1298 participants, correctly answered the questions of 622 participants. The winners were chosen randomly among those who answered correctly.

Wallet Mail Prize
0xB7472089d218B0EC52bbE294717886B0112e77Df Lewd**********@g********** 130 GTH
0xaDf32d9C423827A611c72328C4f97757fC3192a3 Func**********@g********** 130 GTH
0xEbC04b85812B7d24957909Cbc9C5e0D8f64D6305 Full**********@g********** 130 GTH
0x4c9D0896C609d5c583905d14bC1d5F25C4e92C9A esre**********@g*********** 130 GTH
0x1Da6b61C1e328C22955f3928916B9aF46e9D2520 lanc*************@g********** 130 GTH
0x5DD171A82391C45CAfd2D88bcFAfD15bBA50294B mari***********@g********** 130 GTH
0x313Ffb3Bd1927fab47D4146480D8399c4f2843FF Bost**********@g********** 130 GTH
0x2C5E927f0a2F101D7934C70B7Cc0d045e0eCBA80 szop*********@g********** 130 GTH
0x55d59976b66fa07079Aa78B6146582F2D39b2c12 hart**********@g********** 130 GTH
0xc73abb3167add9c6437123c3fb00c2355dae2e91 alex*******@g********** 130 GTH

What does Gather do?

Computes without nodes
Monetizes with fewer or no ads
Decentralizes without blockchain
Performs hyper-speed transactions without blocks

Who can use Gather?

Blockchain developers/charity & donation sites
Content websites/blogs
Streaming Platforms/mobile apps/enterprise solutions
All of the above

How many layers does Gather have?


What does Gather offer?

Scalable and predictable revenue
Reliable consultancy services
Affordable processing power
All of the above

What is Gather’s mission?

To fix the internet’s broken business model
To decentralize the centralized
To bank the unbanked
To privilege the underprivileged

What is the processing power flow in Gather?

from hardware layer to the protocol layer, via the application layer
from hardware layer to the application layer, via the protocol layer
from client layer to the hardware layer, via the application layer
from application layer to the hardware layer, via the protocol layer

How many members does the Gather Foundation have?

An undisclosed odd number

What consensus does Gather use?

Hybrid PoS/PoW
Hybrid PoSt/PoW
Hybrid PoL/PoS
Hybrid PoA/PoW

What is Gather’s network layout?

One fast main chain
A main chain + parallel chains
Side chains of equal rights without a main chain
A parent chain + auxiliary (child) chains

What are the node types in Gather?

Block Producers and Verifiers
Super Nodes and Master Nodes
Masternodes and Lite Nodes
Relay Nodes and Block Producers

How can a user participate in Gather?

Via staking/adding liquidity
As a Masternode
By voting for the proposals
All of the above

How many GTH tokens are locked (and out of circulating supply) in the Gather Masternode Program?

2.3 Million GTH
6.8 Million GTH
13.4 Million GTH
22.5 Million GTH

When will Gather Online (Gather’s core product that allows websites/apps to monetize) be live?

Gather Minerva Release
Gather Jupiter Release
It’s already live with Gather Mercury Release
None of the above
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