What is MOUSAI?

Halliday’s teams up with iconic, industry-leading artists from all backgrounds (musicians, actors, digital artists, K-idols, etc.) to create original and limited-edition NFTs for art and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The company aims to become a one-stop platform for brands, artists, and fans, offering premium digital creations through global partnerships. Most recently, Korea's legendary hip-hop artist, Gaeko (twitter @gaekogeem) from Dynamic Duo launched his first NFT series at http://hallidays.io.

MOUSAI, the genesis pfp project of Halliday’s, is the company’s newest and biggest project to-date. Consisting of 10,000 utility-enabled collectibles called MOUSAI, the project is driven and inspired by a global KPOP community. Holder-only benefits will include access to film premiers, concerts, fan meetings, exclusive parties, members-only merchandise, and more. ARCA is ERC-20 utility token within the MOUSAI Ecosystem.

MOUSAI announces a quiz on knowledge of its solution:

If you answer the questions about MOUSAI correctly, you will participate in a lottery in which you can win cash prizes. If you don’t know anything about MOUSAI yet, you can use the tips.

10 lucky ones who answer all questions correctly will get 50 USDT each!