What is Sugarverse?

A candy themed meta universe that consists of seven planets and seven integrated mobile games. As a player you can own land, build buildings, and collect rewards in the form of (Non-Fungible Tokens, aka NFTs) and/or CNDY tokens. You can play on each planet a unique Free-to-earn / Play-to-earn mobile game. Its' a long term project, with a roadmap up to 2026, which completely rethinks how P2E economics work and makes them scalable for the long run. The Sugarverse plans to a partner with confectionary brands to become the Metaverse for the FMCG sector. After the 7 mobile games the Sugaverse wants to partner with worldwide gaming studios and integrate the CNDY infrastructure to power 3rd party games and level.

Sugarverse announces an Airdrop:

10 000 lucky ones who complete the airdrop conditions will receive 500 CNDY!