What is ThetaTeeth?

In ancient times hunters used to wear teeth as a token or pendant around their necks or wrists. Nowadays, we don’t really mind our own teeth until they start causing problems. Some people neglect them, others use them to express themselves. One thing ThetaTeeth know for sure — teeth is what we all have in common as well as love for Theta blockchain. ThetaTeeth wants to share this love and introduce Theta blockchain and its community to people in crypto space. It’s important to stay safe in crypto environment and it’s important to look after your teeth, so, this two things are going to come along nicely in our journey. ThetaTeeth is a pilot project of a recently founded studio SkeletonArts. The main goal is to create a community that can enjoy art created by the like-minded people. Moreover, their members will be able to take part in the art creation process in our futureprojects. And they already have 2 in mind!

ThetaTeeth announces an Giveaway:

1 lucky user who complete the airdrop conditions will receive Oculus Quest 2!