What is Cocos-BCX?

The platform for the next generation of digital game economy “Cocos-BCX”, fully named “Cocos BlockChain Expedition”, aims to create an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, providing developers with the convenience and completeness in game development, while bringing users a whole new gaming experience, unprecedented gaming status, and with all the assets obtained in the games being wholly owned by the users. More details

Cocos-BCX announces a quiz on knowledge of its technology.

If you answer the questions about Cocos-BCX correctly, you will participate in a lottery in which you can win cash prizes. If you don't know anything about Cocos-BCX yet, you can use the tips.

10 lucky ones who will answer all questions correctly will get 75 000 COCOS prizes.

Additional condition: to participate, you must become a member of the Telegram chat.