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Blockchain Day Online

06/22/2018T00:00 06/23/2018T00:00 UTC Bitcoin: Blockchain Day Online
시작일 6월 22, 금요일
Blockchain Day Online - the largest online conference in the world
June 22-24, the Amazing Event Machine team, the organizers of the successful offline forums Blockchain Day Russia and the Ukrainian Blockchain Day, organize an international online conference - Blockchain Day Online.
Blockchain Day Online is an online platform that unites entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, developers in the areas of blockchain technology, crypto currency and ICO, for which the main goal is to build a new future in the digital style.
The conference will help to form a professional community, within which everyone can find the right people, support, advertise and promote their products and services, and also take advantage of special offers from their colleagues and partners of Blockchain Day.
What do the organizers of Blockchain Day Online offer to participants of their conference?
• 3 days of quality content;
• 6 discussion panels;
• 40 speakers;
• more than 100 000 participants.
Once you become a participant of the conference, you will receive answers to such important questions as:
- how to invest into ICO;
- how the blockchain will change our society;
- how to distinguish ICO from a scam;
- about trading, its types and possibilities;
- how to build a strong team;
- where to look for an investor,
and many others.
Blockchain Day Online offers you the latest tools that you can immediately use on your road to success. Also, you can directly ask the question you are interested in and get an exact answer from the speakers during the Q&A session.
Also, within the framework of the conference there will be a discussion panel with the blockchain guru. This is a method of communication in the form of an open discussion between experts and practitioners with world recognition.
The new future is so close! Create it today!
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