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Blockchain Visionnaire Summit in Berlin, 독일

07/23/2018T00:00 07/24/2018T00:00 UTC Bitcoin: Blockchain Visionnaire Summit in Berlin, 독일
시작일 7월 23, 월요일
Blockchain Visionnaire Summit will be held on July 23 in Berlin, Germany. BVS was founded to inspire people and organizations to build, cultivate and invest in blockchain technologies.
This Summit will bring together thought leaders, builders, investors and traders from around the world for a full information and inspiration-packed day. This gathering will be catered to individuals already active in the industry to help maximize networking opportunities, showcase new ideas and products, learn the latest trends in the industry.
Here are some of the speakers:

Marc Weinstein, Head of Research & Analysis at

Yuri Lobintsev, CTO and Co-founder at Cindicator.

Alice Kohn, reporter at Deutsche Welle, is covering all topics related to blockchain for the prominent Germany’s public international broadcaster.

Arthur Baer, Creative Marketing Director at FOAM.

OJ Jordan, Cryptocurrency Trader, YouTuber, and all around Blockchain advocate.

Justin Wu, Information Architect turned marketer and founder of Sebastian is a professor for information security and cryptography at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Jeff Gallas, Blockchain consultant, investor and the founding director of the German Bitcoin Foundation ("Bundesverband Bitcoin").

Rob Bailey, a Venture Partner at Akkadian Ventures.
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