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Участие в «Chainges Conference» в Амстердаме, Нидерланды

05/04/2018T00:00 05/05/2018T00:00 UTC Bitcoin: Участие в «Chainges Conference» в Амстердаме, Нидерланды
Начало 4 мая, пятница
Leading blockchain companies, specialists and startups will meet under one roof in Amsterdam, May, 4-5

2 days, 3 stages, over 60 speakers and 2500 attendees from all around the world. Unique knowledge explored during workshops, keynotes based on use cases and discussion panels, provided by the most influential blockchain speakers from companies such as NEM, Accenture, IBM, Aeternity and BitBay. All of it will happen at Chainges, the first world-class blockchain conference shaped by the community!

Chainges brings the international blockchain industry under one roof at the Kromhouthal - a popular, industrial venue in Amsterdam location giving the ability to create unique and creative experiences for attendees and partners alike. The best and unforgettable time awaits all participants - networking, exhibition area, speeches based on use cases, pitch competition for startups and much more! After two days of getting to know other blockchain enthusiasts and gaining great content - everybody will celebrate Liberation Day at Chainges Afterparty!

Looking for valuable knowledge created by great speakers from all around the world?

Chainges focus on the best experience for all attendees and partners. It won’t be another boring conference - it’s a brand new quality of blockchain events. There will be two stages - Technology and Business.

On the Technology Stage, you can meet Kristof Van de Reck, who will shed a bit of light on NEM value and use cases. Frans Kempen, Benelux Blockchain Lead for Banking and Insurance at IBM, will talk about how banks can use blockchain. You can also attend great discussion panels such as bank on blockchain and women in blockchain.

On the Business Stage, Willem-Jan Bruin, Director Western Europe of Bitfury, will tell you about the possibilities of blockchain in the commercial and public sector. Patrick Lowry, Managing Partner at Iconiq Lab, will say something about how to conduct due diligence in ICO projects and how to do an ICO.
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