The realm of cryptocurrency is growing exponentially and the world, from global business conglomerates to the individual you-and-me, all eyes are on what it offers in contrast to traditional money-making and transferring institutions. Being a forerunner in digital currency, Bitcoin became open-source by 2009 and now has about 5 million users worldwide, and counting.

How about cryptocurrency apps? Insidebitcoins team will give you an inside look of why these mobile-based bitcoin applications, specifically, Bitcoin Up, isn’t just a fad but a necessity.

The Bitcoin Boom

Predictions have been made that the digital currency boom which happened only a few years back will strike once more especially as the world is pushed towards depending on all-things-online due to the global crisis at hand.

A shift not only in current user frequency in terms of Bitcoin earning and exchanges has seen a dramatic increase, but so has the actual number of new Bitcoin users. Convenience is a key player and a driving force for why such a shift has been drastically taking place. Not that anybody’s surprised.

Bitcoin has always been a game-changer in the financial sphere. It’s only that more people are riding on its coattails concurrently because many are finally understanding how it’s an effortless way to move and/ or transfer, plus earn what’s, in its very essence is, technically, money (more on this below).

The Value Of Bitcoins

The value of bitcoins is rooted in how its relative value stays unchanging over the course of time. No depreciation. In its financial definition, this is referred to as “store of value.” It’s considered an asset that has an excellent store of value because even as it generates what’s potentially interest income, its validity and value remains perpetual.

Or at least, that’s what analysts foresee with cryptocurrency. That just as Gold has a perpetual shelf life (because it remains unaffected by natural causes of depreciation, unlike perishable, tangible articles like food, etc.), so will Bitcoin. Which, then, also leads back to why it’s being valued the way it is.

The preservation, and not merely the management of wealth, is becoming the engine that motivates individuals and/ or businesses to move towards the investment in non-traditional assets. People are becoming more alert towards how a single dip in the economy almost immediately devalues currencies and perishable assets.

In parallel to this, non-perishable assets, and in this case, bitcoins, are the knight in shining armour especially when economic fluctuations are at an all-time high. And these, in turn, make the foundations of minted currencies (also known as “paper money”) be at risk, as well. For this reason, electronic currencies are an easy go-to during times like this. Like now.

The Value Of Bitcoin Up + Facts

We spoke of the value of bitcoins. What about the value of Bitcoin Up? Before we get into this, let’s talk about what it is. Bitcoin Up is an Artificial Intelligence-powered software program that operates on “machine learning” to pick up information about BTC in a near-automatic process. Equipped with NLP (Natural Language Processing), it can, without the support of a floor of human geniuses, interpret said information.

A robot for your bitcoins, if we may call it that. It has been revealed that this bitcoin robot has the capacity to process BTC information by at least .0001 seconds faster than the market’s average movement in general. As a result, it has an above-average win-rate. Plus, it’s able to reduce, if not eradicate, human error.

Although the robot has been seen to be more efficient with “robot brokers” that are regulated at a considerably higher level compared to others, it’s still something that anyone can access. Even beginner’s and/ or new bitcoin users will find it quite helpful in increasing cryptocurrency profit through trading.

The Question Of Safety

Something that any wise trader, whether of cryptocurrency or of different types of assets, always has in mind. Is Bitcoin Up safe? We’ll answer that in this manner--- the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, along with the Australian Securities And Investments Commission closely monitor the majority percentage of the software program’s partner brokers. In this sense, yes, it’s safe.

Why Choose Bitcoin Up?

Because trading bitcoins manually, though maybe rewarding, requires much skill. At the same time, there are looming uncertainties that aren’t exactly clear. The latter includes credibility (of traders), fluctuating trading fees, price manipulation (by some traders themselves), and in total, regulation.

A huge chunk of these challenges points towards how human to human trading may be inequitable if one of the parties decides to manipulate fees. Enter, Bitcoin Up. The program’s robot will be able to decipher in between and along the lines of trends, suspicious fluctuations/ differences in exchange fees, and movements that aren’t in keeping with tried-and-tested operations.

Daily Return On Investment

Here’s the real deal. The true rationale for why Bitcoin Up is looked upon with either doubting scepticism or sky-high acclamation. It’s been said that with regards to a daily return on investment, the program doesn’t only hit past the 50% mark. Not even double. It hits 300%. If that number isn’t staggering (in terms of crypto-trading), we don’t know what is.

What We Think

Of course, this isn’t a miracle-bot of sorts. Not at all. You’ll still need to be more aware and dare we say “adept” in what pro traders like to call “technical analysis.” If you’re still starting out, slow-paced leveraging is the safest way to go. Although the bot will be doing most of the work, it will be to your benefit to know what’s actually going on.

Stay updated with news in the BTC trading universe (yes, even if Bitcoin Up will discover them faster than you will). It’s just a double-check. A manual verification on your end as a user to ensure that you won’t be suffering losses than gains at the end of the day.

Bitcoin Up maybe be backed with super-AI but there’s still a risk of trading loss. Why? Because it’s trading. No matter the medium you utilise or trading platform you choose, that factor will constantly be at the background.

But then with a chance of making your capital grow three times higher than its original through this software, that’s pretty inviting, isn’t it?