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Moonriver (MOVR) Feed: Events, News & Roadmap

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What is Moonriver?

Moonriver is an EVM-compatible blockchain that functions as a parachain on the Kusama network. This compatibility enables the seamless deployment of Ethereum-based applications on the Moonriver platform.

Moonriver offers a suite of features for developers. These encompass deploying Solidity smart contracts, accessing a Web3-compatible API, integrating oracle data feeds, and establishing bridges to the Ethereum network.

MOVR serves as Moonriver’s utility and governance token. It facilitates various functions, such as: paying transaction fees and executing smart contracts; staking for network consensus participation, either as a validator or a delegate; governance activities, including nominating council members and participating in network votes; liquidity provision on Moonriver-based DEXes, such as Solarbeam, to gain a share of exchange fees.

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