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Stratis (STRAX) Calendar: Release Schedule, Listings, Hard Fork, Halving

During the whole time of Stratis monitoring, 96 events were added:
27 releases
9 events related to testing of new functions
9 AMA sessions
9 exchange events
6 meetups
6 updates
5 token swaps
4 reports
4 events related to earnings
4 branding events
4 conference participations
3 announcements
2 contests
2 partnerships
1 event related to NFT and digital art
1 general event
September 2024 UTC

Solplex Beta Launch

Stratis has announced that their product, Solplex beta, is scheduled for release in September.

Added 23 hours ago
Past Events
April 2024 UTC

Stable Coin Protocol Beta Release

Stratis is set to release the beta version of its innovative stablecoin protocol in April. This follows the release of StratisEVM, and will allow user…

Added 2 months ago
April 30, 2024 UTC

tGBPT Platform Launch

Stratis is set to release its tGBPT platform on the 30th of April.

Added 27 days ago
March 2024 UTC

Token Swap

Stratis is set to conduct a token swap for StratisEVM in March. During this event, STRAX holders will receive a 1:10 ratio.

Added 2 months ago
March 28, 2024 UTC

Listing on Binance

Binance will list Stratis (STRAX) on March 28th under the STRAX/USDT trading pair.

Added 1 month ago
March 21, 2024 UTC

StratisEVM Launch

Stratis will launch the StratisEVM on mainnet on March 21st.

Added 3 months ago
February 2024 UTC


Stratis will make several announcements in February.

Added 2 months ago
February 15, 2024 UTC

Incentive Program Launch

Stratis is set to start EVM Dapp incentive program on February 15th. The program, which has a pool of 1 million USD, is aimed at developers and protoc…

Added 3 months ago
February 6, 2024 UTC

StratisEVM Testnet Launch

Stratis will launch StratisEVM testnet on February 6th.

Added 4 months ago
January 31, 2024 UTC

Token Swap

Stratis has announced that a token swap will take place in December. During this event, STRAX will be swapped to STRAT at a ratio of 1:10. This swap i…

Added 6 months ago
December 29, 2023 UTC


Stratis has announced that it will be launching the StratisEVM bounty program. The program will start on December 29th. As part of the program, 6 mill…

Added 4 months ago
December 22, 2023 UTC

Interflux Bridge Closure

Stratis has announced that the Interflux bridge will be closing in December due to an impending Token Swap.

Added 5 months ago
November 29, 2023 UTC

November Report

Stratis has released their monthly report for November. The report provides an overview of the activities and developments that took place within the …

Added 5 months ago
November 24, 2023 UTC


Stratis has announced that they will be releasing more information about the STRAX to StratisEVM token swap on November 24th.

Added 6 months ago
July 21, 2023 UTC

July Report

Stratis has issued their monthly update for July 2023, detailing the most recent developments, news, and progress concerning their project. This repor…

Added 10 months ago
May 19, 2023 UTC

London Meetup

The next Stratis meet up this coming Friday at Tower Hill suites in London

Added 1 year ago
May 9, 2023 UTC


Join to online workshop

Added 1 year ago
April 12, 2023 UTC

AMA on KuCoin Telegram

Join to an AMA on Telegram

Added 1 year ago
April 10, 2023 UTC

Listing on KuCoin

STRAX will be listed on KuCoin

Added 1 year ago
March 29, 2023 UTC

NFT Ticketing Platform Release

Releasing on the 29th March

Added 1 year ago
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