0.1193 BTC
1.67 ETH
795.563 USD
1h -0.89%
24h +9.24%
7d +7.31%
Volume 24h
77.4K BTC
7.22B ETH
516M USD
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Listing on Bitsten Exchange

03/09/2018T00:00 03/10/2018T00:00 UTC Bitcoin Cash: Listing on Bitsten Exchange
Starts on March 9, Friday
3/9/2018 4:52:03 AM
Steneum Coin
Dear Steneum Community,

We are excited to announce that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been added to our Bitsten Exchange. Soon you will be able to trade Bitcoin Cash and many more as we will continue to add the coins our community has requested.
Event added 4 months ago. Changing the price after adding the event:
1 hour 0.78%
1 day 4.41%
2 days 5.77%
Now 7.59%

What will happen with the cryptocurrency after the event?

BCH details

Market Cap
13.7B USD
CMC Rank: 4
Coindar Social Index: 187
Own blockchain
Algorithm: SHA256
Proof type: PoW
Supply: 21000000
Circulating supply: 17241138
Community size:
59 054
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