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Ngày sự kiện: Cho đến 30 Tháng Chín 2023 UTC

We are VERY CLOSE to delivering on several key promises on the $FLOKI 2023 roadmap, so we believe an update is long overdue to show where we are at.

Here is a quick overview of some of the exciting things our devs are working on behind the scenes that are VERY close to release:

1. FlokiFi Locker Major Upgrade: This major upgrade will introduce native payments, a referral program, burn functionality, lock extension, and support for V3 Positions LPs.

This is by far #FlokiFi Locker's BIGGEST upgrade and one that will rapidly accelerate adoption of the protocol.

Our devs pretty much finalized this upgrade last week and we've submitted the code to industry leading auditor Certik for review. This will go live on mainnet as soon as Certik gives the go ahead, which could be any moment now.

2. MAJOR DeFi Lending and Borrowing Integration: We are in the final stages of integration with the biggest lending protocol on the BNB chain (also the second biggest DeFi protocol on the entire chain!) and this integration should go live anytime soon. The protocol is currently setting the final parameters for the integration and once this goes live #Floki holders will be able to borrow stablecoins and other crypto assets against their $FLOKI tokens.

This will significantly reduce sell pressure as users who need funds can use their $FLOKI tokens as a collateral to borrow stablecoins and other major crypto assets. This is likely to go live next week, tentatively.

3. Staking: Staking has been live on testnet for a while now, but our devs and QA team continue to battle test the staking program to ensure everything works as intended.

We are taking such a unique approach to staking to ensure that it is absolutely worth the while of every $FLOKI holder to stake their tokens. As such, we are carefully reviewing every little detail to ensure that there are no bugs.

This is the highest priority item right now with at least half a dozen people working currently on the #Floki staking program at any given moment to ensure we go live soon. The roll out will be pretty rapid once the internal checks are complete.

4. FlokiFi Redesign: Our devs are in the final stages of a slicker, cooler FlokiFi redesign which is aimed at making FlokiFi Locker the most user friendly locker protocol in the industry. This is very close to completion and will go live once the final checks have been done.

5. Project TL: Project TL is a key protocol we are building to make it extremely easy for pretty much anyone to launch their crypto venture; this protocol will play a critical role in accelerating mainstream adoption of crypto, and we anticipate tens of thousands of people (and possibly millions, depending on adoption!) will use the protocol in some form in the long run. The protocol will have a buy/burn mechanism that further makes the $FLOKI token deflationary.

Project TL is currently live on testnet now and our devs and QA team continue to battle test and refine it. It will launch on mainnet as soon as our devs give the go ahead to go live.

This is a lot closer than many realize!

- Valhalla mainnet: A lot of work has gone into our flagship utility product Valhalla, and it is set to go live on mainnet this year. The mainnet version will feature Open World, in-game economy that integrates the $FLOKI token and allows Play To Earn, Battle Arenas, and a Chinese version that will help capitalize on the ballooning gaming and crypto interest from China.

#Valhalla on mainnet will create strong demand and utility for the $FLOKI token due to the key role the token plays within the game economy.

The above are just highlights of what we have on the Floki roadmap and where we are at with them. We have a lot more on the roadmap and are on track to deliver on them this year.

You can read the full #Floki roadmap here:
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