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Fairdesk AMA

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What is Fairdesk?

Fairdesk empower participants to execute critical investing, trading and risk decisions with confidence by providing high-grade crypto currency derivative exchanges. Customers of Fairdesk can easily trade cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and other derivatives with lower fees and better service.

Fairdesk Team

Founded by 6 former Binance executives and 3 former Morgan Stanley architects, Faridesk comes with the mission of providing a fairer, safer, more profitable, and cost-efficient trading service to the clients.

AMA Details

Ask any questions about Fairdesk, vote for your favorite questions, the authors of the best questions have a chance to win money prizes from Fairdesk.

Additional condition: to participate, you must have an account on Fairdesk

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vadimdremin228 hỏi
What deposit bonus do you receive when registering at FAIRDESK?
+50 USDT
Vlasova98 hỏi
I like your exchange, but it is not popular enough. How do you plan to attract new users?
+50 USDT
manoelazon hỏi
I really enjoyed exchanging on Fairdesk. What if your devs work on a Wallet ?
+149 USDT (bonus)
Sergeev98 hỏi
Will there be a contest or a prize draw for the new year?
+149 USDT (bonus)
Volkova1901 hỏi
Will a bank card deposit be available in the future?
+149 USDT (bonus)
Puchkov93 hỏi
When will new coins be added? Will Shiba be added?
+149 USDT (bonus)
Rebenkin98 hỏi
Do you plan to introduce the KYC procedure in the future and will verification be a prerequisite for trading?
+149 USDT (bonus)
199xAyne hỏi
What is the goal of this project?
+149 USDT (bonus)
Roo hỏi
When app launch in playstore?
+149 USDT (bonus)
LuckyHiragi hỏi
What makes Fairdesk better than Binance or other any known platforms?
+149 USDT (bonus)
Zola hỏi
At the moment, only the future market is in place on fairdesk, When do you plan to add the spot market? You also have competitors like binance or huobi for example who have no good there and have enough users how do you plan to make the difference so that people turn to you? For the moment fairdesk only takes into account 42 assets if I am not mistaken, will you add more in the future? What should we expect from your cryptocurrency? We have seen other platforms do it?
+50 USDT
rod hỏi
1- Given the multitude of crypto exchangers currently, why use #FAIRDESK? 2- For the safety of its users what #FAIRDESK system is putting in place? 3- How do you plan to provide better customer service? 4- In what time maximum #FAIRDESK can the withdrawal requests be made? 5- How does #FAIRDESK intend to keep its loyal and active community? 6- Will #FAIRDESK create a token in the future? 7- What is the projection of #FAIRDESK between 5-10 years? 8- What does #FAIRDESK intend to do against NFT and METAVERSE?
+149 USDT (bonus)
user861090 hỏi
Does Fairdesk think he created his own currency like the binance does?
+149 USDT (bonus)
user896883 hỏi
How do we know if fairdesrk will be able to hold up in the long term?
+50 USDT
Đội ngũ giải đáp
To build an exchange is one thing, and to Run a exchange is another. To build an exchange is one-time work, while to run an exchange, you must keep a long-term promise to all users to keep funds safe, to keep service up and always stay reachable.

What we provide is a leveraged trading service, and we treat our clients in the same way. We don’t have a bar for trading size, $1 is sufficient for open a trade for most pairs. So my friend, $1000 is welcome and $1 is also welcome to Fairdesk to trade.
user110271 hỏi
What strategy are you implementing to make your platform better known like other centralized exchange platforms? Who are your partners and sponsors? What innovation will your token bring to the cryosphere? Would you add later other products such as staking and farming to your platform?
+50 USDT
user488756 hỏi
I use fairdesk for trading on a regular basis, in terms of innovation and input for users, what does fairdesk have in different with others exchanges ?
+50 USDT
user394397 hỏi
Hi sir , what are your plans for Fairdesk enlargement ? Because we want a good and strong community so that when FDT will be launched we can moon Quickly. Thank , i hope an answer!!
+50 USDT
user976635 hỏi
Hi How much can you secure your user accounts? New exchange was hacked and users' inventory was zero What you assure the user is not his account
+50 USDT
Đội ngũ giải đáp
We have many years of build secure finance system, while with Fairdesk:

Crypto wallet safety is the top task for us, we take an approach to store private keys in offline storage secured by dedicated KMS hardware.
Data infrastructure has different separate zones and data authorization is keeped in the minimum level.
Data is backed continuously and could be recovered in minutes.
Operational Risk is mitigated by internal workflow, 2FA authentications and other best practices in the industry.
user717014 hỏi
Hello, what can your company do to help users financially?
+50 USDT
Đội ngũ giải đáp
Fairdesk has the lowest trading fee in the market. For a day trader, timing is the one of the keys and low commission is the other. Assume 50%/50% for marker and taker, for a trade of $500 and 100x of BTCUSDT, the trader pays $25 at Bybit or FTX, $15 at Binance, while only $6.25 at Fairdesk. Fairdesk also provides excellent liquidity for small to medium orders.
CHonvou hỏi
How does fairdesk intend to distinguish itself from the other exchange (binance) so that we users can trust the platform ?
+50 USDT
user947933 hỏi
Can I see the percentage of open long and short positions and volume of 24 hour liquidations on Fairdesk?
mamasshilamneshtany hỏi
In which countries is FAIRDESK registration prohibited?
user635632 hỏi
Why Tether?
Gunkin1987 hỏi
Will there be cryptocurrency staking on your exchange?
AKidszeven hỏi
What future project?
user220829 hỏi
Do you need KYC to transfer to other exchanges?
Sokolova99 hỏi
Will spot trading appear on the exchange?
Morozova2001 hỏi
Are you interested in NFT or DeFi? Are you planning to implement any of this on the exchange?
Petrova1999 hỏi
What updates on the exchange are waiting for us in the near future? What is your priority?
Dragonix88 hỏi
When are you planning to issue your own coin? What functions will the coin perform on the exchange?
ayelsvtwincityx hỏi
What’s the main purpose of this project?
TigerGangArmy hỏi
I want to know all your ongoing and future plans
user168561 hỏi
What is the future of fairdesk look like?
TexasBitcoin hỏi
Can Fairdesk help put a face to a name, who is Fairdesk's fud killing charismatic leader?
alternativeman4 hỏi
When will spot trades open?
ozkan hỏi
What are your major goals to achieve in the next 2-3 years? And What are your plans to expand & gain more adoption?
ozkan hỏi
I know that partnering with some elite names is the key to the progress of every project so does the project have a partnership with some elite names that are believed to be mutually beneficial projects? If so can you tell me who the project is partnering with?
user209387 hỏi
What actions is Fairdesk taking to achieve these objectives? how does Fairdesk stand out from the crowd? Why the creation of Fairdesk?
user271493 hỏi
Hello, are you planning to pass verification on the exchange? Will there be p2p trading on the exchange?
user271493 hỏi
Hello, will there be p2p trading on fairdesk? And whether there will be replenishment from credit cards directly. And I would like to have more raffle with prizes.
id2095667 hỏi
What risks will customers incur if they hack the exchange?
user971196 hỏi
As a project led by good subject matter experts what are the specific goals set for this project within 5 years? when will the project token be released?
Loicbtc hỏi
When will be FDT launch?
user717014 hỏi
You appreciate being able to compete with Binance?
invokerlay hỏi
When will we need kyc? Will fairdesk ever go like this in future?
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