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Liberty Finance AMA

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What is Liberty Finance?

Custody Should Not Be Centralized! The future will be shaped by new-age decentralized exchanges. Liberty Finance DEX welcomes it! Liberty Finance ($LIBX) represents THE decentralized exchange for digital assets. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a secure and transparent platform for trading your cryptocurrencies with ease. Decentralization gives you complete control over your funds, providing peace of mind and protection from security threats, all while providing full CEX features. With fast, low-cost transactions and a user-friendly interface, Liberty Finance DEX is accessible to both seasoned and beginner traders. Join the decentralized finance revolution!

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Ask any questions about Liberty Finance, the authors of the best questions have a chance to win money prizes from Liberty Finance.

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Warren18 hỏi
How will Liberty Finance value it`s community? And, what are the ways that Liberty Finance can build a strong and supportive community for it`s forever success? And, how many communities does Liberty Finance currently have for its non-english users?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
The community is extremely important to the project, as with any project, and we intend to focus on three main pillars here: Build trust - through transparency, high quality support and a solid platform mainly. Second would be to prioritize and focus on customer service. The whole UX is being designed so that it’s as easy as possible to onboard, and we will also be just a few clicks away to help as well. Third, we will focus on fostering engagement. We wish to have a constant conversation with our community and through this, sustain the first through points as much as possible. Lastly, we currently have 7 communities for languages other than English, split into specific channels on our official Discord channel, and have plans to open more in the near future as our community grows.
KuahSoto hỏi
What is the structure of this project , is it decentralised or a open source protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled??
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
The governance will be based on the Gather blockchain’s governance protocols, which yes, can be used for building projects and contributing through voting. Worth mentioning is that for rapid deployment, it will be centralized for a very short time, with plans to quickly decentralize once the fundamentals are deployed and governance is fully established.
Does using your application require KYC? If so, what are the advantages over non-KYC?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
It is optional whether or not users want to give their name, email and profile picture, alongside of course their wallet address which will be needed. Only for some of the features will KYC be needed but not all, and it won’t prevent users from accessing and transacting on the DEX. KYC has the advantage of making some features more secure to use and compliant to legal requirements. Being in line with good regulations benefits everyone by protecting against some bad actors and keeping the market as a whole as “healthy” as possible.
Mananasku hỏi
Can you list killer features of project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about ?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
Liberty Finance DEX will be the first one to offer full CEX trading features, including leverage trading, market, limit and stop orders, FIAT on/off ramps (proprietary), some of the lowest fees out there, and on top of all this, we will also offer an Islamic-compliant optional experience, chosen by the user at the start of the onboarding process. This will cater to an extremely large, yet untapped market.
ryuzukiijack hỏi
Will your project late be developed on all blockchains that have examples such as BSC, HECO?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
Yes, we are building our own bridge and will be interconnected with all major networks and others.
Dadankardi hỏi
Farming is very popular nowadays but do #Liberty Finance plan to add more features in your platform like staking, lending buyback or mining with your tokens?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
Yes, in fact, through the Liberty Finance DEX you can access staking in a various number of pools that support a large number of coins. In the first versions this will be somewhat limited, but we will continuously add new pools/assets, as this side of our platform is of utmost importance not only to us but to the majority of our users as well.
rifaifauzi hỏi
Which city is your head office located in? Do you have any active partnerships?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
We are located mainly out of Dubai, but also South Africa, however our team is international, coming from countries like Canada, USA, UAE and Europe. In terms of Partnerships we are in talks with our first potential integrated partner. We are treading carefully here and do not wish to partner with other projects just for the sake of marketing. When talking about partnerships, we are exclusively looking for valuable, solid integrations that would bring real value to both parties. That being said, we are close to announcing our first official partnership so stay close to our socials to find out first!
NurCahyo hỏi
What`s your current roadmap status? Has #Liberty Finance been successful in reaching all your roadmap targets? Can you give us a brief roadmap update?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
All of our milestones in the official roadmap have been achieved up to now, including the biggest ones: testnet launch (going great for about a month now) as well as airdrop launching and snapshot tracking. We will update on the coming milestones on our socials in due time, but we are on track.
Samratmondal hỏi
Who are the main target audience of Liberty Finance? Is it easy for beginners? Do you have a promotion/marketing idea to attract mid-range and high-end investors?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
We aim to cater to every level of technicity and complexity. Our platform will be heavily focused on ease of access to educational material as well as the regular help/support. For this purpose specifically, the Libfi Academy is being built, including modules and courses at every level, from the most basic info on wallets and blockchains, to advanced trading strategies, indicators analysis and technical documentation. So, all in all, we will surely have enough features and support to satisfy every user regardless of their level of exposure to crypto in general.
For now the marketing strategy is general, targeting as wide as possible. As we advance, the strategy will be split and targeted more focused, based/developed on the data we see during this period as well.
user721194 hỏi
The first article in Subtask is from November 2022. Assuming that the project started at this time, after 6 months, have you already faced roadblocks ? If so, could you please highlight what have been the most important ones and how you managed to remove them ?
+3000 LIBX
Đội ngũ giải đáp
Up to now there haven’t been any really large roadblocks, but if we were to mention some of the tougher issues we have tackled already, these would contain assembling the Shariah board and setting a clear strategy in that direction and probably the technical difficulties that we encountered in the first few hours/days of testnet launch but due to our dev department’s monumental work all went well in the end.
user924762 hỏi
Pump and dump schemes are becoming a major problem in the crypto space that needs solving, Investors hard-earned money going down the drain. Could you please tell how #Liberty Finance Team will prevent whales from manipulating the price & ensure the price appreciates?
user182809 hỏi
Security of projects plays a vital role so what are your safety measures adopted from hacking and bugs? Have you performed an audit?
Peterson3 hỏi
Developing a big ecosystem like Liberty Finance of course, requires a very large amount of funds. Is your team financially able to carry out this project?and Do you have sufficient funds for its development?
user907960 hỏi
A portion of projects must discuss "long-term vision and mission," but what are your short-term goals? What are you currently focusing on? The first step, particularly the diversion, is always critical in establishing a financial foundation for the subsequent steps?
Paityn hỏi
So far, what major achievements has Liberty Finance Project achieved? What difficulties and risks did you encounter in the process of project implementation, and what factors prompted you to overcome the difficulties?
user493677 hỏi
As $LIBX token IDO is ongoing on many platforms, can you give us more details of the token utility as well as its roles within the ecosystem? After the IDO, any plans on DEX/CEX listing and what are your next steps to keep the token price stable and increase its scarcity?
ClaireOlson hỏi
Any project`s community is a valuable resource. How will you convince us that the initiative you`re proposing is long-term? Do you have the funding and a solid team in place to continue developing this project?
user252998 hỏi
What is the MISSION of Liberty Finance? How is your project designed build real benefits and investment return to global community of crypto investors? How will you create positive impact on people and in the digital ecosystem using blockchain technology?
user844514 hỏi
How accessible is you to players that are interested in cryptocurrencies but aren`t very familiar with them?What strategies do you have in mind to entice these kind of users?Do you have any plans to educate them while they`re playing?
user936596 hỏi
With multiple chains appearing left and right, this has created interoperability issues, TPS, among other things. How does #Liberty Finance plan to address these challenges to meet the platform`s stated goals for a future of global adoption and no barriers to entry or adoption?
user447239 hỏi
How does the hybrid proof of work and proof of stake blockchain utilized by the Gather Network provide benefits for the Liberty Finance Dex ecosystem, and what advantages does it offer over other blockchain models for decentralized exchanges? Can you explain in detail the tokenomics of the Libfi token, including how it is used within the platform, its utility for users, and how its value is expected to be maintained over time? How will the Libfi Governance Protocol function within the Liberty Finance Dex ecosystem, and what role will it play in decision-making processes for the platform`s development and management? How will the Libfi Academy contribute to the goal of building an informed and skilled crypto community, and what specific educational resources and programs will it offer to users? With the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive DEX that incorporates the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, how does the Liberty Finance team plan to address common challenges associated with decentralized exchanges, such as liquidity and scalability issues?
Saimun5Ho5 hỏi
What was the motive which built the next project? What is the present vision and mission?
MdMomin hỏi
Community is very important for a project. While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?
SharifulHasan7 hỏi
In terms of learning more about the project usability, are there Youtube channels, learning videos of social media pages where we can learn from?
JonyHembrom hỏi
Tell us more about the growth of the #Liberty Finance team globally, and what your develoment methodology looks like?
AcepAziRam hỏi
Do you consider community feedback or requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas?
Saifrain hỏi
What stage of development are you in on your roadmap? What are the upcoming events that users should be aware of?
kulinsandha hỏi
What was the inspiration behind the name #Liberty Finance & how did you come up with it?
HuynhPhuong hỏi
Is Project functional for mobile devices? Or are you planning to design an app based on Android & iOS in the future?
Wandyroe hỏi
Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of Token?
ChristopherA hỏi
Could you provide a simple description of Liberty Finance for the community? What is the motivation for starting to build Liberty Finance ?
RoseViana hỏi
Where are the best places to buy your tokens? Is it too late now for us to buy?
DbdhCay hỏi
What differential would make us choose your products?
user560800 hỏi
Partners play an important role in the development of the project. Do you have any strategic partnerships that are backing your project?
user858805 hỏi
Speaking of partnerships, can you tell us about some of the partnerships you currently have?
Mohammad hỏi
Is LIBX tokens going to be listed on any popular exchange? If yes, name the first!
KevinKopi hỏi
NFTs is hot trending now, Do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us the plans of your project in NFTs?
BorysBobrovnik hỏi
How do you use blockchain technology in your product? What is the function of Liberty Finance?
Universitas hỏi
Why is Liberty Finance essential in the future web? What can it promise to its holders?
WedsPierre hỏi
How can I participate in the project?
Legit365airdrops hỏi
Most people judge a project by its token price. So, what is your plan to maintain the token price? Will there be some kind of buring/buy-back program?
RogelioCapps hỏi
Are there ways to increase the value and power of NFTs in-game? If yes, what are they? What are the player benefits of having the best NFT?
pahdaMaulana hỏi
What does the term #Liberty Finance mean? Is there any special story oor motivation behind picking this as a game name?
HoangNgocBao hỏi
Why you choose Binance blockchain for Liberty Finance? And are you open to go multi-chain in the future?
JhonNich hỏi
Lately most projects on the Crytocurrency space are characterized by serious security issues. What steps have taken to ensure that security is not an issue here?
Annas21119 hỏi
What`s the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision of your project?
putrirara hỏi
You have great and exciting plans, but what makes you think that you can achieve it?
mahmoudfaysal hỏi
If my friends or acquaintances in the crypto world need me to explain what Liberty Finance is, what should I say?
JinbeRoger hỏi
In every project, the Ambassador plays an important role. Do you already have an Ambassador program? can i have a chance to be one of them?
EarningBangla hỏi
Burning is a great way to decrease the token fluctuation which will have a positive price impact. Do you have any other plans to increase the price value of Ten Token token?
ManishbhaiRa hỏi
How does LIBX increase its value, liquidity & utility ? Can it increase the price of your token?
DebasisMaju hỏi
Which target users does #Liberty Finance aim to serve? Will its technology be easy for participants to use but still ensure it`s open, transparent and fair?
SohelRana hỏi
As we know, every successful project has a few stories behind the scenes, what`s the story behind your project`s success?
HeinMinSet hỏi
In what way can we make a good profit from this project? How many exchanges have #Liberty Finance been listed so far?
MdNajimUddin hỏi
Who is the team behind this project? Can you tell us their background?
What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is plan in the future ?
Muttaqinalim hỏi
Is your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough funds for its development?
Lodyapalo hỏi
Q. Your project has great features. There must be an experienced team behind. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?
Mulyani hỏi
Beside the roadmap. How do you envision Liberty Finance in 2025?
MirzaRiansyah hỏi
It`ll be true if I say "A Community Driven Social Media rewarding the community" Is there any airdrop and compaing for early adopters?
BillalM4Rafa hỏi
In the next 6–12 months what features or products you planning to release? What we should looking for? Is there any exciting news?
Riponali hỏi
Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?
what are the requirements to join your token sale? isn`t that a huge advantage? would you use a vesting period system to avoid dumpers?
YouthRich hỏi
In terms of security, how did you create a platform where users can trust that their funds and other sensitive assets will not be compromised?
piranglicin hỏi
Where we can buy this token? Is this available on exchange yet?
Dessiapayaa hỏi
How much does it cost to play any game on the Game platform? Can we experience Game for free?
Karan744 hỏi
When do you foresee the audit being completed? And if one`s already been done, where can I review?
HrCrypto hỏi
Users experience is a very important issue in most projects. Does your project focus on this? What have you done to bring the best user experience, especially to new users?
Slametbej hỏi
Nowadays, many projects are being hacked. Did you have any plans to protects $LIBX and its users?
LimuKwon hỏi
What could you say inspired you to start such a project?
BipashaAkter hỏi
All projects have a story in an offstage, but what is the story in the back? Where did this name come from?"
MonsurAbd hỏi
What is #Liberty Finance and what is it used for?
NurTin hỏi
Does your team have sufficient basic reserves like communities, funds, partners and sponsors to reach future milestones?
TomizaddinM hỏi
How do you maintain the quality and value of your project products?
RajesharCha hỏi
Is there any multiplayer mode to play with my friends? And can I chat with them in game?
ShahPoran hỏi
What are the top priorities for your project this year? What is the main vision and goal of your project and who are your targeted customers?
teraghata121 hỏi
Explain me some cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of Liberty Finance in practice?
JiaUddin hỏi
What is business model of your project? How it works? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?
AnisurRahm hỏi
Is there any event or airdrop in your project to attract people`s attention and what platform do you have to earn this token?
NFT is really trending this year. Do you have any plans to develop your own NFT? What do you think about it?
NavenduMondal hỏi
Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?
OmoruyiIgbi hỏi
Marketing & advertising for the project is very necessary. How does Liberty Finance plan to expand this project in the global world?
Alirezamaxi hỏi
I`m a developer, and I`m interested in contributing to #Liberty Finance project alongsides earning. Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities?
SerhatTeker hỏi
As you know that in the present market situation many new coins or either dying or thriving for liquidity? How will you manage liquidity problem?
ankingthay hỏi
Which country market has Liberty Finance been approaching and could you please share with us your market expansion strategy (if any) in the near future?
nhahv0902 hỏi
What`s coming up in the next quarter for Liberty Finance?
Mssojib hỏi
Can you elaborate on the implementation of creating a new vault to allow $LIBX token holders to earn yield on the DAO activities?
shamimAhmed hỏi
Which projects has #Liberty Finance been partnered with or looking forward to partner with?
YunaWhelan hỏi
Basically most projects and platforms are in English. How will Liberty Finance reach non-English Native communities? Do you have any plan for them to better understand your project?
MehediHasan hỏi
Why not pool option? Why not NFT option? Are these in your plans?
MadangNye hỏi
What do you believe is needed in order for #Liberty Finance and the blockchain gaming space to continue to advance and evolve?
RobiulAual hỏi
Security is a major concern when it comes to project sustainability. How can investors ensure that they are on the right track in the long run?
Shakhawat hỏi
Please talking about the quality of the #Liberty Finance platform`s security. How confident #Liberty Finance to solve this issue?
MDBipulKhan hỏi
As I understood now you only have your token. Do you plan to have any other products like wallet or platform? What are you currently working on?
NtinosAggel hỏi
Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or is it only appealing to professional users?
MerajAli hỏi
What`s the first thing you would like people to think of when Liberty Finance is mentioned to them?
Roninn49 hỏi
What is the next decision of your project according to the roadmap? And what do you think will change your project if this decision is fully implemented?
Cryptoutama hỏi
Is this platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?
RaibaIsrat hỏi
What can we expect from Liberty Finance in Q2 2023?
CryptoniteJo hỏi
Finding investors is hard, keeping investors is harder, so what strategy does "Liberty Finance` have enough to make investors trust and with "Liberty Finance` project go a long way?
sunilbesra hỏi
What is the first thing you would like people to think of then #Liberty Finance is mentioned to them?
grimnoob hỏi
Are you going global? Or is there current target region that your project working on at the moment? Any possibility for recruiting ambassadors?
Calderon5621 hỏi
Where I can buy LIBX?
Franklin22 hỏi
What is PROJECT`s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?
bahubali hỏi
What is the total supply of the project and currently what is the circulating supply in the market?
fanaticalty hỏi
Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace your project?
DillonNorris hỏi
Give us reasons on why we should not miss out on the Liberty Finance especially your upcoming IEO event?
complexs747 hỏi
Which blockchains Liberty Finance will be able to support in the future for crosschain incubation?
realchill hỏi
Will Liberty Finance help beginners understand charts easily ?
user721194 hỏi
In the testnet, the transaction time is pretty slow. Can the community expect the same in the mainnet ? If not, could you please highlight the reasons why it will be faster ?
user721194 hỏi
If you have to select three words to explain how Liberty Finance differentiate from other DEX, what would they be ? Could you please explain further why you selected these words ?
user721194 hỏi
In the roadmap, it is mentioned a first event/conference and an end year event. Would it be purely online ? If not, do you have already ideas about a location ?
user721194 hỏi
Have you already been contacted by other projects in order to onboard their tokens onto Libfi.io ?
Vaughan91 hỏi
How can #Liberty Finance token`s role as a bridge between networks contribute to the cryptocurrency universe in the long run?
tingmachi hỏi
How would Liberty Finance attract new users as a new NFT marketplace?
Vincenzo hỏi
NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright Future . So do you guies have any plan to include NFT to your project?
Preston898 hỏi
I want to invest to your project. Where i buy token? Is it available on any exchange
assasin55 hỏi
Where can we learn more about the project Liberty Finance and its functionalities and detail? Are there any other social handles other than Twitter?
shooters772 hỏi
NFT hype is still going on and now everyone thinks NFT’s are really the future for many real world issues so I want to ask do you plan to create your own marketplace?
Livingstona hỏi
Currently, where can I buy $LIBX ?
esistible hỏi
Can you tell what is use of mana points in playing the #Liberty Finance game? Do players have to buy mana points in order to play the game?
Chelsea hỏi
How old is Your project? What are the major plans ahead? Could you show to us image of your roadmap?
Harrison hỏi
When will the Liberty Finance app be launched? What is so exciting about it?
Iker hỏi
What is your 2023 roadmap?
Vargas hỏi
Share the challenges that you are facing nowadays and how you cope up with them?
Nathalie hỏi
Can u asnwer my question How can I buy this token? Is it available on any exchange?
Adrianna hỏi
Please share with us your investors and partners that you can disclose and are there any plans for partnerships with other projects?
Kingsley hỏi
Funding is an important part for any project. So I want to know how much funding you raised from the Investor?
Davenport hỏi
Can you list some of the features with which you are most confident about your platform? How can you advertise Liberty Finance worldwide and make it popular?
user367638 hỏi
How did the #Liberty Finance team manage to release this many dApps in such a short period? What`s the next dApp?
user856376 hỏi
What is the legacy that Liberty Finance wants to leave to the world?
user962332 hỏi
While building your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?
user668703 hỏi
NFT is not just a trend. It is going to rule this decade and innovation has just started. So, if NFT in your future plan?
user342660 hỏi
To attract a lot of investors you initially need an attractive ROI ratio, how will the team balance ROI & stability for the project to develop in the long term?
user429989 hỏi
Currently, Covid-19 has slowed down many global economies, as a cryptocurrency business. How does it impact Liberty Finance? Do you have any plan to overcome it?
user953079 hỏi
All project tokens have their main utilities & real-life use casses. Can you tell us what the main role of your token is in your ecosystem?
user419060 hỏi
Can you tell me the progress of the project?
user627210 hỏi
Who`s brainchild is Liberty Finance? & what makes Liberty Finance a first choice amongst artist`s as well as user`s?
user890206 hỏi
What are $LIBX token functionalities?
user623232 hỏi
While checking your roadmap I found it incomplete, can you explain how you are going to make it up?
user112704 hỏi
Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What does Liberty Finance think about listing you project on leading exchanges such as MEXC?
user117424 hỏi
How do you see Liberty Finance in a few years from now in the crypto and DeFi space?
user724284 hỏi
I`m curious about the name #Liberty Finance . Why did you choose this name? Can you explain to everyone the meaning behind of the name #Liberty Finance ?
Nikolas956 hỏi
Which one would you choose, NFT or METAVERSE?
user963334 hỏi
What in your view needs to happen to make this project a success?
user709151 hỏi
Considering the recent surge on NFT usage and its market, is Liberty Finance going to add a specific service for NFTs? If yes can you please pitch a little details about it.
user420981 hỏi
When is the token getting launched and on what exchanges?
user805206 hỏi
What difficulties have you encountered during project development?
Nalani842 hỏi
It seems like you are a system containing a lot of products and ideas, how do you plan to make it work together?
user749351 hỏi
What are #Liberty Finance doing to reach more users? Will you collaborate with local crypto communities and crypto experts? And are you going, to expand the list of major exchanges?
middleton hỏi
Your website has a solid list of partners, nowadays this is especially important for crypto projects. Tell us about your partnerships.
Memphis248 hỏi
For project development, all main priotity is having enough funds. Is your team financially capable to run this project?
Delacruz090 hỏi
How do you want Liberty Finance to be known as? How do you explain the project in 30 seconds?
MagdalFD hỏi
Your Project launch was during the Covid pandemic, Did it affect the project in any way? How were you and your team able to overcome that situation?
Giavanna hỏi
I really care about partnership and backer of any project, so could you list some of the well-known names to reinforce my belief in Liberty Finance?
Blanchard hỏi
Does a token owner have the right to participate in governance of a project? What kind of decision can they vote on about a project?
katherine830 hỏi
What are the unique features of Liberty Finance that will enable the project to thrive in the crypto space, despite the existence of over 2000 projects?
Pollard2821 hỏi
I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, does you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically ?
NassarKorey hỏi
What is the metaverse that Liberty Finance is developing, and how will it enhance the experience for meme token holders?
Anamari78054925 hỏi
Bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes gone into oblivion, how will your project stand the test of times? What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses?
AlbertoLavande4 hỏi
What did you do to make adoption a reality, social and real use cases??
MartineMarchena hỏi
Security and anonymity are always prioritized by BlockChain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?
PhoebeMccalana1 hỏi
What is your global expansion plan? At present, which market do you focus on, or on building and developing to win customers, users and partners?
cordlanita hỏi
How safe is your platform and have you done any Audit? How do you ensure safety of your platform from hacking?
romanovshirl hỏi
Hello Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future?
mckellipstomas hỏi
Do you have current competitors and what is special about the project that can attract users?
MelissaHofe hỏi
As a community based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System?
ClaudioMacbean hỏi
How do we get the tokens using the platform?
MaslonkaMax hỏi
I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?
kiethluy hỏi
In connection with the Ethereum network upgrade, do you plan to work with this blockchain in the future, or will the platform always launch tokens on the BSC blockchain?
MarvellaLaboy hỏi
I have one a question What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?
lakeskip hỏi
We know that marketing is important to bring users to the project. What is the percentage that you are using for marketing and what are the strategies that you are using in social networks, to attract players to the project?
FranceAllder hỏi
IMPORTANT QUESTION ? Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audit of smart contract?
ArmandaLightca3 hỏi
How does project increase the token`s value, liquidity and utility ? So that it can lead to an increase in token prices ? What is your plan to make your project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term ?
bacinolester hỏi
So many scam project do hide behind Tokenomics,,, statistics & a lot of promise, so i wnat to ask how can a cryptocurrency user identity a genuine project using your project as a usecase???"
WinterPedrin hỏi
Hello sir,FOR this project , where can I get the latest information and what is the latest plan for your project?
LanetteOstenbe1 hỏi
How could anyone can earn the token from this game and which type of tokens the user`s can earn ?And if the token is available so, is he / she can get the reward for holding that token ?
GrowdenAlene hỏi
Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?
JuniorBonadio1 hỏi
Vast majority of Crypto projects are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. So, I want to know the value you aim to add to crypto industry that will bring greater abundance to the industry?
BroderickDamat2 hỏi
`STAKING`` is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking??
EfrainThronebe1 hỏi
What is dappOS governance mechanism like? Who has the right to participate in the voting process? What are the requirements to participate?
LeopoldoIrineo hỏi
Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?
KarlaMoritz3 hỏi
Revenue is a very important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model ? thank
NerisKirk hỏi
What tarket audience are your products for?
DonatelliXavier hỏi
Explain your key characteristics that differentiate your project from other projects and What are the competitive advantages you have for Your Project?
BradlySilis hỏi
When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future
AbdulGorychka hỏi
Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?
ChasityBealle1 hỏi
Q. Many new projects initially developed well but were suddenly abandoned. How will you manage your project to get your position on the market and become the best project in the blockchain world?
KalinaOlin hỏi
From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to built this project? What you want to achieve Through in future????
rubinowelvin hỏi
Q: What is the uniqueness of project that cannot be found so far? What influence do we have in the crypto industry?
StarrUng1 hỏi
Things are changing so fast on a daily and weekly basis and it’s very challenging catching up with different chains and their improvements how those your project bridge that gap?
MadeleneAngsta1 hỏi
What`s the milestones you have achieved and about your upcoming plans? How do you plan to increase the demand for tokens in the crypto space?
CarlosJeune2 hỏi
Do you have real users and partners that use your services and what marketing strategy do you have to draw new users as without marketing no matter how good the product is nobody cares?
CrouseLeon hỏi
On your website you don`t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven`t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?
LatashiaBuchtel hỏi
Please tell us the Main Role of tokens in the Ecosystem? How can the Community earn passive income with tokens? How many Incentives does token offer to the community?
renegannon hỏi
Your Project has a plan to educate the community, thereby raising awareness, applying and helping more people understand you easily?
EarlBousley hỏi
Q. In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?.
EpifaniaShriev3 hỏi
Q. Today in every sector our slogan is "PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT". How would your project offer a Blockchain Privacy Protection for users? Your project has great features. There must be an experienced team behind. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?
FernTroccoli hỏi
Many, the main focus of any crypto community is the price of the token. When the price goes up, people cheer, when it falls, people start to walk away. What plans does your team have to strengthen and grow a loyal community that values product over price?
VivianaLindema3 hỏi
Q) do you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project ? because Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital in the crypto field
DenyseMordhors2 hỏi
What is the vision and goals in your project that you want to achieve in 2023 and beyond?
LucillaAcquill2 hỏi
A common problem is that nowadays most investors are only interested in initial profits and ignore long-term benefits! So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold in the long term?DOES THE DAPP IS AUDITED BY THIRD PARTY ??
FeehanEmmanuel hỏi
Crypto projects were closed in many countries due to improper regulation and licenses. How does your project solve these problems?
SheldonSchread6 hỏi
here are many traditional payment platforms such as paypal, mastercard, visa etc. Which is often used by many people. My question is how is Liberty Finance different from existing payment platforms? Is there any cashback or discount for Liberty Finance holders?
JoaquinSchauma1 hỏi
What features/improvements are you planning to add to your products in the near future?
JeanNapieralski hỏi
How is your business growing and what are your commercial partnerships? Can you name some new partnerships that could help your project? Is there any collaboration that will be done in the near future? And how do you make a profit in the long run?
BritniStaab1 hỏi
What is the income model of Liberty Finance? Many projects like to talk about "long-term vision and mission," but what are your short-term goals? What are you focusing on right now?
KristySantino1 hỏi
Can you assure us that this won`t be one of those projects that come out, do a lot of marketing sell their tokens & just disappear or under perform? How secure & safe is your smart contract from vulnerabilities & bugs that even the developers can`t exploit it?
MagaliMartel1 hỏi
Where is mask road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? and what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?
DannNaumes1 hỏi
There are two things that interest me and intrigue me about a project, the first is “team expansion”. The second is the “marketing strategy and adoption plan.” Can you give us more details on these two aspects of In which work areas do you plan to expand?
OmerKach2 hỏi
How many characters are there in " Game and how the game is designed ? could you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from the ways in which we can generate profits and the Marketplace that you have designed for the game?
AnibalWolfing5 hỏi
If the community is considered the backbone, security is also an extremely important factor. So is your project currently audited or not? How to convince that your security system is safe enough for investors as well as the community against hacker attacks?
PatriciaHalbro6 hỏi
Having a strong foundation is one of the main factors for success in any project. Can you please share the main strengths?
sprongwillia hỏi
Given that only a small percentage of gamers use cryptocurrency, how will you integrate gamers who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency in your platform so that you can reach a wider audience in the GAMING & cryptocurrency Industries?
genningsgerard hỏi
Many games don’t support Mobiles, and that reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Can I play your game on Mobile and on PC?
MeteerNorman hỏi
Gamefi projects has alot of barrier to entry, what are the barrier of entry to your project?
RodneyRex6 hỏi
Partnership in crypto sphere is key to the solidity of every project. Which companies are you currently partnering with and why them? Which countries are your targeted regions to wider your communities?
SunnyHoshall1 hỏi
We would love to know more about your marketing plans, can you tell us more about them?
CossinKenneth hỏi
My Question: Do you have a whitepaper? If you have, Please share it with us. Lastly, Do you have plans for pre-sale?
MakerReggie hỏi
An interesting feature that caught my attention was your integral cross-chain mining, so could you explain to me what this mining consists of and how beneficial it will be for the users to be able to participate in your mining?
DoomsGregorio hỏi
There are people who dont know about crypto. Getting those people onboarded can be a driving key for success. As most will agree, crypto world can be a little bit confusing for new comers. Do you have a plan for attracting those people, making their entrance to crypto world easy?
berquistmerlyn hỏi
Your funding rounds garnered a lot of attention but not a lot of information on the security of Tempus. Do you have a bug bounty for loopholes to prevent hacks? Who have you been audited by?
neelonmichael hỏi
How do Tempus performance tokens work, that despite the low fees that Fantom presents, less capitalized users will not have to wait several months to break even in their profits? How accessible are these tokens? who can enjoy them?
AgredanoTracey hỏi
What chains are you running on at the moment? I can only see recurring mentions of Fantom and Ethereum. Are there other supported chains and is Tempus EVM compatible?
justinstoermer hỏi
What will be the IDO allocation process, I read that there will be guaranteed allocation but how? Can you explain the requirements?
AlbertDuchesne5 hỏi
One of the things that got my attention is the uniqueness of you name, so can you explain us what do you mean exactly with" Tartarus"? Does it have any particular association with mythologies?
SophiaTinsley9 hỏi
Reading your roadmap, I saw that for phase 1 it will have "staking levels and tier based system for IDO". Can you give us more details about this? What will be the differences between the tier systems? Also, at what point of development is Tartarus within its roadmap?
JoseDenoia hỏi
How do plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about your project?
MaximinaGosven1 hỏi
Many platforms that handle data, in many occasions, use them to advance important areas such as medicine, or to help those who need it. Is this contemplated in the mission and vision of Ocean? What are your plans in this regard?
CourtneyMarbut1 hỏi
Solcial is the first truly open, permissionless, and uncensored social network. Could you mention any disadvantage of a network without permission and without content censorship? Is the impact on the emotions of users with the uploading of certain content important to Solcial?
BreannJelinski hỏi
Are user demands and input considered in the development of the DreamSport ecosystem? If so, How do you provide it?
TompsonAriel hỏi
how you convinced people to be interested in your project do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?While you build your project, What are your plans for the future? Are there any surprises?
ErinHages hỏi
Thanks for this interesting project. Can you tell us more about the overall distribution plan of your token? For example, how much % of the token supply is reserved for game ? Where should I look if I want to find out more
lampkeporter hỏi
Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?
NestorPyrdum hỏi
Its roadmap is structured in four main phases. Can you describe what these four stages of project development consist of? How have you decided to draw up this roadmap to ensure that the development and growth of your project is guaranteed?
GewantMauricio hỏi
Security is an important step to take into account for any investor when making use of a long-term platform and depositing assets. Therefore, have they been audited by external agents? How safe are your smart contracts?
WendolynRideau hỏi
Apart from buying token for speculative reasons, what are the future investment prospects of the project?And Where is the best places to purchase your tokens? Are there benefits attached to buying holding your token for a long term?
MarshaLamorges4 hỏi
All the goals of your project is absolutely great, But One of the main factors users looking for in the crypto project is the use cases of the token? So what are the Use cases of in your platform? What are your plan to increase the adoption?
ReathaSterk hỏi
Given the rise of popularity of DAOs and P2E business models in the crypto market, does the project have the potential to reach a billion market cap in the short-term with as little as 6 months? If so, what are the key points we in your roadmap that we should look out for?
LaraineDimuccio hỏi
In terms of community, there is still a large audience in the gaming world who are not aware of the crypto and blockchain industry. What is malgofinance plan to reach out to these people and make your voice heard by all gamers?
LouannCallicoat hỏi
What features will use to attract new users, better than other platforms? How are you going to get users into it? The success of seems to depend on the orientation of the content creator doesn`t it? So, What is the most profitable in Social by any means?
carlenesour hỏi
Does your game allow player to player interactions? Some gaming platforms provide weekly/ monthly reward to players based on their performance. Will your game have special rewards for the most outstanding builders/players of the week?
ErinnCoplon hỏi
We saw the great success and progress of Bened at the beginning of the launch But with the severe downturn that the market is currently witnessing A new plan must be created to revive the project and bring it back to the top Are there future plans to combat this decline?
HeglundJessika hỏi
Without sufficient funds, each project cannot carry out its construction properly. For me the main priority is to have sufficient funds to run a project. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? How does this project generate revenue for the project & users?
AugustusGottli3 hỏi
Liquidity mining has sparked a growth in the DeFi market, but increased gas fees and network congestion limit users from taking advantage of DeFi`s full potential. What is the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed? How does to provide a long-term remedy?
AguonAngelo hỏi
I have read about different metaverses but none of them indicate how the interactions within the metaverse would be. So, could you tell me how users would be able to interact in your metaverse? What is the process that has to be done before entering your metaverse?
JanelleLangenh2 hỏi
Will you implement an insurance program to protect investors and their funds from failed projects making refunds of their original allocation amount? What are the criteria set before any projects come to apply for listing on your Launchpad,will they be fully vetted?
tessbrosey hỏi
Financial inclusion, lower interest rates & lower swap costs are all promises made by Defi projects. However, many still have security flaws, exposing investors` assets to serious risk. Is Launcher and its ecosystem`s security a top priority for Launcher?
SharlaLatin hỏi
And as we know, every successful project has a few stories behind the scenes, what’s the story behind Uniwswap`s success? What was that vision when it first emerged as an idea? Are there any special updates that you want to show/share with us?
AngelHefferon1 hỏi
Claims that you are the Simply Mine platform. We know lot of mining platforms these days, what I want to ask is quite simple, what makes different from existing mining platforms? Please convince us that is the best mine platform right now?
Christo76192312 hỏi
Although the blockchain gaming space is arguably in its inLiberty Finance, there are many blockchain gaming projects out there trying to enable mass adoption to the traditional gamer like solice_io. How is your marketing, game and blockchain mechanics different ?
mcduffyrodolfo hỏi
You organized an AMA session very rewarding and received a lot of questions related to utilities and technology, future vision, so now I want to ask what do you want to receive from the community?
WestonStruckma1 hỏi
Speaking of price triggers, when automating my trades and protecting myself against DeFi volatility, can I set a risk limit according to my needs or does it automatically?
SachikoDrewry hỏi
The problem now is that most people evaluate projects based on their symbolic value, not the technology/features the project has. How does the founder of add educational value to his investors, so that more people understand the value of the project rather than the price?
ParisPlatero hỏi
What plans does the project have to entice traditional gamers to the blockchain gaming market? Because at present, the blockchain game model is still too new to reach users, besides the graphics and game content are not attractive. How will Project overcome this situation?
MagoonTyrell hỏi
Something that caught my attention is that is a GameFi ecosystem designed by gamers to offer new innovative solutions to all gamers. So, does your team has enough experience in gaming to develop this platform and meet the objectives set?
HustDorian hỏi
As I go through Twitter, you guys have expressed an interest in the growing DeFi ecosystem on Cardano. So, why is Cardano an interesting blockchain to , and what other blockchains are you exploring?
rosannedenmark hỏi
Performance Staking is a fundamental protocol in any DeFi platform. My question is, how is the staking model that your project has developed different from others DeFi project in the crypto space? To what extent is it possible for users to maximize profits in this model?
EltonHelbig hỏi
A lot of people now love the whole idea of online gaming because of the P2E mechanism being inculcated at the moment. This shows that users are highly incentive-driven. In this regard, what are the various incentive earning mechanisms for players on
ShaeCahalan hỏi
How about your marketing fund? does your project have enough fund for running a big event in terms to increase your community member? do you have any plan for ambassador program for different countries to increase global adoption ?
HoustonUrsini hỏi
Portal swaps move provable execution of cross chain contracts to layers 2 and 3. Does it allow the speed and liquidity of centralized alternatives, with the trust minimization guarantees of Bitcoin? can it be used for a general purpose market for data and computation?
AsbyMerrill hỏi
Blockchain technology and specialized gaming cryptocurrency take video games to a whole new level, allowing players to actually make money playing video games. So how does plan to make it convenient for players to monetize gaming value?
FriotTennille hỏi
On its website, note that Uniwswap will have many DeFi products, such as bridges between networks, UniWscan and more, but really which of them is currently available? Or have all the products really already completed their development?
BousleyEarl hỏi
How to prevent the script from harming the game and what preparations have you made? I am very worried about this problem. If the game loses fairness, it means to lose everything.
CristinShulda hỏi
I read that Uniws will have its own blockchain, so could you tell us the characteristics that it will have? Will it be similar to the ETH network but with a better speed? Or are they really completely different? If so, what mechanisms manage to make these changes?
LiddySheldon hỏi
The project is very important but requires a lot of user traffic to be sustainable in time. What marketing strategies are planning to increase the legitimacy of your brand? Are you planning a strategic association to run your gambling camp?
AyanaWoodhams hỏi
According to your roadmap, for the first quarter of 2023-2023 you plan to launch the daily quest. Will this feature be available to all players or only to those users who have invested money in the game? Can users who play for free also earn daily quest rewards?
BrawleyDexter hỏi
Has there been or will there be integration with metaverses? Which metaverse projects do you aim to collaborate with? Can you tell us about your partnerships in this field? Also, what plans do you have to grow your Community?
JanaStoldt hỏi
Having partners with big communities and gaming guilds can create more hype among the group of players. So how many partners does have, what are the results they can bring? Are you having plans to include more partners in the coming time?
JosiahNickeson hỏi
Can you give some information about how your token distribution will be? How many coins will be minted and how many will be locked? Also, how do you ensure that your token is not scarce in the market and its price is not falling? the answer
MaryanneGazail2 hỏi
Language is an issue for some crypto enthusiasts, we all know many projects that support English speaking communities. So, Do you plan to use local communities to raise awareness of the project among people in different countries?”
HoopleDeedee hỏi
My Questoin sir, Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join l it?
LesliePierrie hỏi
We know security and Audit is very important to the success of any project. Can you tell us your security measures and if you have audit carried out already?
Fernand30168384 hỏi
How was the idea of cyberarena project ? Can you indicate some advanced features or incentives that can attract more players to your platform?As the concept with fierce competition, what are you most confident about your ecosystem?
SharolynCanseco hỏi
A lot of cases investors are just chasing short-term returns instead of the true purpose of tokens. What have you done to prevent such a scenario from benefiting a project? Also, how will you prevent a project from mishandled and disappearing the money invested?
AllderFrance hỏi
Scamming is one of big problem for the investors During this year 2021 many peoples got scammed a few times,rugs,exit scams.Can please tell us that how can investors be sure that this will be a trusted?do you have a trusted team member and we can easily invest in for a long term
BatcherShizuko hỏi
The best in ethw a very complete and comprehensive platform to support development. Question: Do you plan to launch any trading application?
JamalUrzua2 hỏi
What do you have? 1?- Telegram Group 2?- YouTube Channel 3?- Medium 4?- Discord 5?- Twitter 6?- Website FOR this project , where can I get the latest information and what is the latest plan for your project?,
CushJong hỏi
As you know, the power of the community will lead a project to expand globally. As the DeFi world is growing very fast & becoming more competitive, what are your plans to appeal to the community? do you have a good marketing team? What events do you prepare to attract investors?
CleoCondreay hỏi
In my opinion, blockchain is often one of the most polluting technologies but new blockchains are looking to become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint completely. So, is really a green option that will consume less energy unlike other blockchains?
TaylorGotts hỏi
Eric Martindale said in an interview that Portal "has created a sovereign wallet where you control all the keys to your own assets." Then how is Portal Finance`s wallet different from others in the market such as Trust Wallet?
HarveyNeville2 hỏi
I read that has implemented various functions of different blockchains within its ecosystem. What has been the purpose of this implementation? How will this system help to improve the performance and operability that users and players will have within your platform?
KienzleMelina hỏi
Currently, game projects are in great demand by many people, especially Play to Earn. but what happens if the game era will experience a decline in enthusiasts as there are projects in new fields in the future. what is your strategy if this happens?
CristineRiggle1 hỏi
Currently, Facebook is a s quite large social network, but it has lost many users due to privacy issues. People are starting to care more about their own properties. How will Solcial use its advantages? Can Solcial provide a good level of privacy for users?
BrianneStripli1 hỏi
How does the birdie token project increase the value, liquidity and utility of the token? So can it lead to an increase in the token price? What is your plan to make your project stable and give the highest return to investors in the long term?
GastonLeap1 hỏi
Since players are now less focused on the long-term development of the game, they are only focused on the first stage of the project and its price. So, what are your plans to retain and increase the number of users to stay and play on the platform?
rampleymorgan hỏi
In the crypto market, there will always be projects that try to fascinate investors/users with their positive features, but whose main purpose is fraud. Could you please tell us about your qualities that clearly distinguish you from these negative and malicious projects?
earlbousley hỏi
Nowadays, there are a lot of scammers and bogus platforms in this field and we need to search first before we invest, so can you tell us more about your platform so that we can trust it?Also, can you describe your security mechanism and how it works?
BeaulahCavener hỏi
In the game, what type of payment do you apply to make it easier for players? will there be an option to connect to monsterra & Wallet Connect while playing?And can you describe your "expectations"of the gaming experience you would like to improve with homie_wars P2E?
EmanuelHennessy hỏi
What is Team Creation?
dierdresesler hỏi
I saw that many projects were unstable for a short period of time. At first, they started with hard work & good attention, after a few months later they didn`t pay attention to this project. Then it ended there. how do plan to survive in the market?
dvorakalesia hỏi
This is a good question. Most investors focus on profit but in Trialpunk we focus on the key value our game brings, the price may change but the value always is there, and for the holders long term we always have priority policies and support them.
cedriclabita hỏi
Do you believe that partnerships and collaboration is key for a project to succeed? If yes, can you give us details of present partners and those ones you are planning to onboard in the future? What is each of these partners bringing to the table?
TammaraMaltsbe1 hỏi
How much initial investment do I need to start playing games on In the game, what types of payments do you apply to make it easier for players? Will there be an option to connect to Metamask & Wallet Connect while playing?
BugettLoris hỏi
Pretty much every single investor purchases the token for the short term, indifferent to its long-term potential. So, how could you convince us that holding this token would be more profitable in the long run, and what are your plans to raise the token`s demand and scarcity?
KelleyOsoria hỏi
Cryptography suffers a crisis that causes great losses to investors and distrust in the sector, how will you survive this episode and gain the confidence of investors despite the reality that is being experienced in the market, what is your philosophy to cope with the project?
mauritzalden hỏi
Token burn is beneficial to any business in terms of regulating the number of tokens in circulation and offering greater incentives to investors. Is there a strategy in place for token burn in your amazing project?
AleshiaWelson hỏi
Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that your project primarily focuses on? Please share with us!!
BurgioRuben hỏi
Currently, hackers are invading and taking away a lot of assets due to a lot of abuse and application failures. What do you think about this problem? Can we trust the security of UniWswap? Where are you heading in the next few years and what are the next major updates for you ?
calzadovince hỏi
If they really count, I want to swap an erc20 token, will I be able to use your UniwSwap bridge to swap and spend much less on transaction fees? If it is possible to do it, then how long will it take me to do all those operations?
MozelleLundblad hỏi
So many projects just like to speak about the "long term vision and mission" but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?
JarvisIhm2 hỏi
The security of a project is very important. Have your project been audited?
ChanceHonkanen hỏi
As a newcomer to crypto, I have always faced difficulties in navigating through the UI of many platforms. And these clumsy UI have always been difficult for newbies. So,is the UNISWAP Platform beginner friendly platform & ensure a hassle free & clean interface for users?
josephcornford hỏi
What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?"
LuciusGudenkauf hỏi
Which part of the project are you most focused on right now? What is the current revenue model . I want to ask, Which one the most important for you in developing the community and increasing the value of the project?Which one that Will you do first?
NicholeAmie2 hỏi
Is your gameplay can be easily understood by all kinds of players especially fwor those who are relatively new into crypto or just starting out? Can they still enjoy the game even though they dont really much know about crypto and crypto-related products?
ReivesMerlyn hỏi
Q: Speaking of price triggers, when automating my trades and protecting myself against DeFi volatility, can I set a risk limit according to my needs or does it automatically?
MikeMeals2 hỏi
How did you manage to maintain a project in a context as complicated as this bear market? How did it occur to you to combine a social network with a memecoin and make this crypto useful?
sischobyron hỏi
vIf the community is considered the backbone, security is also an extremely important factor. So is your project currently audited or not? How to convince that your security system is safe enough for investors as well as the community against hacker attacks?
OsoriaKelley hỏi
Buyback-and-burn programs support long term price stability and value growth. Does have plans for these programs? What is your way of increasing the value of token and attract more Investors?
CrystalAlita hỏi
What`s your plan in place for global expansion? Is worldcusportss focusing on only the birdie market at this time or focusing on building and developing or getting customers and users,or partnerships?
HubiakBasil hỏi
To develop a project, the first priority is to have enough capital. Does your birdie team have the financial means to undertake this project? Do you have enough capital to develop the project Can you tell us how profitable your project is?
SantiagoKurtich hỏi
There is a very high chance of birdie vulnerabilities in today`s smart contracts, which allows Hackers to steal funds and cause severe damages for the project and its customers. Can you tell us about the options that has to help us avoid this situation?
AllermanVinnie hỏi
The current fiduciary system has always faced the problem of declining value due to inflation. What strategies have been implemented so that worldcusportss can preserve purchasing power and stand the test of time? How do they differ from your birdie competitors?
MamieMonticello hỏi
The majority of initiatives like to talk about their long-term vision and mission, but what are your short-term goals? So,on what are you currently concentrating? Almost many investors hold tokens for a short period of time. What are the advantages of owning a token?
KacyThal4 hỏi
Due to ancrypto market manipulations, market price on a futures exchange may deviate significantly from the spot price,resulting in a mass liquidation. Can you explain how minimizes price discrepancy as well as protecting traders from malicious liquidation?
MarissaRosiak hỏi
Partners, partners in every project play a huge role as backup and support at every start of a project/company, so my question is What role do your partners play in the ecosystem of Your Project and what benefits do they have for being a partner?
DwightSeeber hỏi
Portal Finance is a decentralized financial platform that combines the best of Bitcoin and Layer 2. But what are the advantages of combining these two technologies? Considering the low scalability of the BTC network, what improvements are obtained by combining it with Layer 2?
JohanneZachari3 hỏi
In recent months, knowledge about crypto has expanded rapidly, however the language barrier makes it moredifficult for new projects to have a greater scope. So, how do they plan to spread your project in Latin American countries or others where English is not spoken?
ReinaldoHennig2 hỏi
To reach users worldwide, are you planning to create local community groups? Also, do you have an ambassador program where interested users can participate and spread the word about your birdiefan project globally?
dickruffino hỏi
Security reviews are critical for any venture, particularly DeFi conventions that arrangement with client reserves. Anyway, would you be able to clarify if your undertaking has been evaluated to pass on certainty and security to crypto local area that is keen on puting resources?
LorrineSavitsk3 hỏi
Being the infrastructure for everyone to manage and contribute digital credentials, what are your motivations to increase the privacy and security? How do you manage if there is an attack to your platform that will affect users` data and assets?
chasewillamson hỏi
What is target market, how many communities do you currently have,can you tell us if you have any plans to boost adoption globally or if the project is intended only for certain countries,either way, how will you reach the birdiefan largest number of users you want to reach?
FlaggSolomon hỏi
Without adequate funding no birdie project can develop no matter how good it is. The main priority for me is having enough funds to run a project. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? How does this project generate revenue for both the project and the users?
MorganRybinski1 hỏi
How does work as a utility token for the network. how does it benefit for both the network & the owner. Is there any reward mechanism for holding your token? What are the benefits of Holding for long-term?
CashonMac hỏi
Surviving in the cryptocurrency market is difficult and many projects fail to achieve their goals. What strategy is your project using to stay afloat in this tough blockchain race?
liliatilotta hỏi
Launching projects in a bull run is much profitable than during the bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes gone into oblivion, how will your stand the test of times? What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses?
BeckiBumstead hỏi
To increase the value of tokens, it is necessary to use certain mechanisms, everyone calls them differently: buyback, burning of tokens, and some project even call it Black Hole! So, what mechanisms do you use for increasing the value of your token? can you tell us about them?
kristencalzada hỏi
Where English is not well spoken, how do you intend to advertise your project in various countries? Do you have a local community where people may learn more about your project?
BranniganLowell hỏi
At what stage of the development of the project are you now? What are your plans for the future?
DanutaDuchatel1 hỏi
How is your service different from others? How unique is your platform?
HoelscherDenae hỏi
How can I get your token? On which exchanges can it be bought?
GearldineVela10 hỏi
What blockchains does your platform support?
verzunikpet hỏi
Where can I find information about your project? Do you have a roadmap?
LarryJohnigan2 hỏi
What meme tokens can I exchange on your exchange?
AlexiaMalhi hỏi
What cryptocurrencies does your exchange support? Is there support for stablecoins?
OmerKach6 hỏi
With which wallets can I connect to your exchange?
BaughnMercy hỏi
The most attractive feature of a NFT Game is Play-to-Earn mechanism which provides players the chance to play and earn valuable token. Could you let us know more about Play-to-Earn mechanism/features ? What are other ways of passive income that I can have in the game ?
levilevra hỏi
Gamify / NFT and Metaverse are two new technologies that have room for growth in the future. The Liberty Finance ecosystem is still in its infancy. It`s definitely full of possibilities. So how can new players / investors participate in and interact with Liberty Finance games?
dannpevy hỏi
Why did you choose to use community driven ways? Are u sure people will choose ur projects and drive it like roadmaps or it will become like other projects who turn good at start and stuck at the end?
haslettdiann hỏi
I have seen that large investors (whales) can buy large amounts of tokens during an offer, which gives them manipulation powers over the token, what solution does you offer to stabilize the use of the token and avoid harmful manipulations?
HeinitzDeedra hỏi
Currently, almost all gaming platforms launch an own NFT Market and the purpose of those markets is to allow players to buy and sell items. Is your Marketplace similar to those platforms? Are there any differences? What are the requirements to buy and sell items on your Market?
GurneeDomingo hỏi
Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can Your Project convince users invest to your platform in the long-term?
josuecaroli hỏi
COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?
TapijaDee hỏi
When players build map to fight, it also enables them to steal NFTs from other players, does this mean a users entire collection of NFT can be stolen in a game mood? As we play to earn Liberty Finance tokens and NFTs, can we also trade expensive massive in-game weapons with such NFT?
AlaneLeins hỏi
When following a road map - what`s the next most important priority? Does your team have enough base reserves (funds- community- etc) to hit these milestones?
JeanetteSibayan hỏi
Given that your game will be built to have 3D features on it, can your game be integrated with VR or virtual reality mechanisms? Does this feature included on your future game development
ReekieRobt hỏi
Most NFTs games currently suffer low player base due to expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game, How does Liberty Finance is attracting large group of players? can you talk some of its features which make it different from other ?
BelenSmolder hỏi
Mentioned on medium, by playing the NFT games, users can win tokens. NFT game will be easy method for people without crypto background to participate and win tokens. Where can I buy your tokens? Does entering game need to activate KYC? What rewards does I get if I win?
LaverneSapp hỏi
Blockchain world is growing very fast & becoming more competitive, what are your tricks to attract more community? do you have a good marketing team? What events do you prepare to attract investors?
MedoffWes hỏi
Many people,the main focus of any crypto community is on the price of the token.When prices go up, people are happy when they go down, people start to leave.What is the #Liberty Finance team`s plan to strengthen and grow a loyal community and see the product as more than its price.
LabitaCedric hỏi
NFT gaming is the new trend in crypto, and most users are looking for games with Play to Earn functions as a new way to earn money and amplify their incomes. What is the attractive of "Liberty Finance" about the money that can be earned by playing? How is the income generated?
JohnnieGrasmuc2 hỏi
Most P2E games start giving away a lot of tokens to the first few players and for a short period of time the game is profitable,but not sustainable,and because of that, its value soon decreases. How is your Game designed and how can you guarantee LONGTERM profitability?
HiramGaluski2 hỏi
How about regarding the $Liberty Finance tokens? What kind of utility would they serve within your ecosystem? As an economic medium to buy those assets I assume at least? What else could we do with the tokens?
SpencerCann1 hỏi
On the topic of the need to increase the value of the token or reduce market capitalization, will the Liberty Finance Ecosystem accommodate a BuyBack/Token burn mechanism after the token sale or in the near future?
BevTatel hỏi
A partnership is essential for adoption, so can you tell us if you have any partners now and in the future? Ambassadors play an important role in every project- do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?
StephanieSimle3 hỏi
With so many projects being rug pulls and exit scams happening now days. What would you offer to the users of your platform to earn their trust and how would it make you different from others projects alike?
janeebrummett hỏi
Many thoughts had been running through my mind on how I can contribute my quota to the growth and success of of your project. I am very much interested in participating in your ambassadorial program, Do you have any one I can sign up for and what are the requirements ?
denitapillot hỏi
Many of the projects decided to implement NFT and it is one of the ways to attract users. What are Your project plans to include NFT in your project? Will you implement them?
ArcaroLouvenia hỏi
Can you detail what will be the use cases of Liberty FinanceToken within the Liberty Finance Technology ecosystem? How important will it be? If you would be so kind also explain to us how the supply distribution has been designed.
ChariseBaque hỏi
The crypto market has expanded rapidly. Many sectors and new technologies have been incorporated in combination with the traditional one. Who are the strongest competitors that Liberty Finance has and how can they develop in that regard?
ClarenceStolle hỏi
What are the additional benefits of holding $Liberty Finance tokens over those that don`t hold your tokens and is there also any benefits for long term holders? What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?
CurbowArnita hỏi
What level must I have to be able to participate in these free games , do I need required level? Are you ready for the launch of the #Liberty Finance token? what is the exact launch date of the #Liberty Finance token?
ZachariaJohanne hỏi
No game is complete without an engaged, enthusiastic community, however most gaming projects fail to realize that, so I would like to know if the community were carried along while developing the game? Were all the features incorporated based on users feedbacks and suggestions?I have been surprised by the true magnitude of the project. You really want to create an ecosystem that is totally complete and independent, right? But is that all? or is your project bigger than that yet?
LeonZari5 hỏi
Are your "Liberty Finance" platform suitable for Crypto beginners?Or does it only appeal to professional users? What is your advance features for non crypto peoples and crypto beginners?Can your "Liberty Finance" meet the public demand and expectations?
SpencerCann2 hỏi
What pIans do you have to educate: raise awareness and appIy in the community to make more peopIe understand about your project and its technoIogy? How to get more attention from peopIe?
BourretIsa hỏi
Since the majority of NFT`s have little or no value, it is difficult to survive liquidity because people do not constantly trade them in pairs, so it is difficult to liquidate NFT. Liberty Finance have NFT ecosystem, Can you tell me how Liberty Finance plans to solve this big problem?
JanettaGuitar1 hỏi
The power of the community will lead a project to expand globally. As the DeFi world is growing very fast & becoming more competitive, what are your plans to appeal to the community? do you have a good marketing team? What events do you prepare to attract investors?
EulahBruton1 hỏi
Since a strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project, but also attracts larger partners; how is Liberty Finance planning to build its community? And are there any strategies to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the Liberty Finance team?
weissmannblake hỏi
What is your current roadmap project, what is your next most important priority? What about NFT? Does your Project have sufficient basis (Funds, Community, etc.) to achieve this goal? What is the revenue model and how is it profitable?
KentThackrey hỏi
Now that GameFi and Meta have emerged as new MetaFiorg in the crypto world, how does NFT put these concepts into practise and maximise the benefits for players? In what ways can participants truly engage in your in-game features while also contributing to future development?
ChaskeyJohnson hỏi
How big and strong is your community? do you have community for non english users?Is your project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service ?
QuintinDesaute1 hỏi
Not all NFTs offered in the market are valuable. So how will "Liberty Finance" ensure that NFTs created, issued and traded on its platform are valuable and successful, and what strategies are in place to make them competitive in this fierce market?
CallieGliwski hỏi
Many people want to learn about your project but they have problem with English, so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have marketing strategy aimed at developing many different communities?
kristysantino hỏi
Can you indicate a feature or features that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?
ToryCarnero hỏi
Amongst all Game modes, I consider the live-tournament to be the most interesting. Please, is there a possibility of more than two teams to compete in the live tournament? Also, how often will the tournament be held?
JeremyRuise2 hỏi
There is fierce competition in the finance industry. Obviously, there are other projects that look like you. How will Liberty Finance deal with its rivals? Do you have details to guide users to you?
ModestoDellape1 hỏi
How long will your project run?
DelmerOutman hỏi
What is the exchange commission on your exchange?
TheronJeffreys hỏi
How can I make money on your exchange?
TawnaCzuba hỏi
Will new meme tokens be added to the exchange in the future?
mocrosana hỏi
In Blockchain Industry there are 3 core issues: security, scalability and interoperability which will bring competitive advantages to blockchain projects. So, how does #Liberty Finance will solve these problem?
werkingalex hỏi
I believe that #Liberty Finance is really Great and has very big Potential to Thrive in the future. Can you please Tell me how I can do Investment with #Liberty Finance? Do you have any IDO or maybe presale now?
CatherynDecell2 hỏi
When it increases in adoption in particular and a cilent has begun to increase by year-to-year comparisons for your project, what is the plan to secure enough fluidity at an exchange to satisfy a market order?
FeinmanSheldon hỏi
What is you revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?So many projects just like to speak about the "long term vision and mission" but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?
AnastosHyacinth hỏi
I really wanna hold a good amount of token but i need to be sure of its profitability. What advantages of holding your token and also where to buy it? What is the token use case & how does it capture the value of ecosystem you’re building? Please Explain.
HinishNecole hỏi
What major partnerships does you project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer - especially non-crypto users?
petersietz hỏi
Most of projects just like to speak about the "long term vision and mission" but what are your short terms objectives?So, What are you focusing right now?About All the investors hold token for short term. What are the benefits for holding $Liberty Finance token?
GochnauerKyle hỏi
Listing on the right exchanges especially major exchanges helps to increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. So Where can we buy $Liberty Finance Token and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?
ScarfoneAndra hỏi
Players in #Liberty Finance can get their digital assets and these assets are tokenized and tradable between players and other markets. When you talk about other marketplaces exactly what do you mean? And being so approximately how many marketplaces do you set up on your platform?
WaverlyEdmond hỏi
One of the differences between #Liberty Finance and other gaming platforms that also involve blockchain technology is that #Liberty Finance provides the opportunity to play for free. What are the limitations of playing for free?
MerleMumpower1 hỏi
While P2E games and NFTs are the most booming markets in crypto right now, most people do not know about guilds and their functions. With that said, would you explain what’s the specific mission and purpose behind #Liberty Finance? Why is it beneficial to invest in your platform?
crewejannet hỏi
There are countless of NFT gaming projects available right now and some of them are real successful. My question to Liberty Finance, what are the main selling points of the project and what innovations that it has to be successful not only for the short term but for the long term?
FumikoStitely hỏi
First of all ,getting enough funds in a primary goal for the construction of a project, is your team economically capable of running this project? Do you have enough funding to develop it ? Can you tell us how the profit ia generated ?
DamatoElton hỏi
I really like your unique idea about space gaming but there are too many tokens of your project why you choose more tokens not less and how can you manage them all it`s tough to attract people to buy all tokens
JaynaCreed hỏi
Many hobbyist investors (with little to no expertise of the crypto industry) continue to invest enormous sums of money in order to get fraudulent tokens. What are the major features or benefits of #Liberty Finance token that set it apart from others on the market?
AlmanzarTempie hỏi
How long do you think the hype meme tokens will last?
CelestinaRollo1 hỏi
Will the interface and capabilities of your exchange be expanded?
DejagerNeil hỏi
In which coins can I add liquidity on your platform?
QianaBidstrup hỏi
Does your exchange support NFT tokens?
CourtneyMarbut hỏi
How many Liberty Finance coins have been issued in total? Do you plan to do coin burning?
JohannsFoster hỏi
The topic of the metaverses is very popular right now. Will you develop in this area?
jessekiah hỏi
How about listing Liberty Finance on major exchanges like Binance or Huobi? Is there such a plan?
LagaresBarbera hỏi
Will you conduct marketing campaigns and where exactly?
dejagerneil hỏi
Have you done an audit of the smart contract?
RichardSchende5 hỏi
Are there plans for a staking program?
AngelicaClaird2 hỏi
Tell us about your plans for 2023
SplainChau hỏi
Which product stores does your project support?
ZenaSandefer hỏi
Dogecoin hit the top thanks to the support of Elon Musk. Do you think it will support meme-tokens in the future?
ClevelandHaver1 hỏi
What updates to your platform do you plan to make in the near future?
JosiahCoto hỏi
What social networks can I find you on? Will you further develop your community?
KincyCalvin hỏi
Will you collaborate with other crypto projects to increase popularity?
SclaviYajaira hỏi
What networks other than ERC-20 does your Liberty Finance coin support?
BobbyPenniston hỏi
When do you plan to make your metaverse? Will I be able to earn cryptocurrency in it?
DemarcusSudduth hỏi
Security audits are extremely important for any project, especially DeFi protocols that deal with user funds. So, can you explain if your project has been audited to convey confidence and security to the crypto community that is interested in investing in your project?
LebouefSudie hỏi
Now, some project have policies for their ambassadors to create a contribution and attract recognition for the project! So the Liberty Finance team plans to implement policies and incentives for your ambassadors?
BowleyArdis hỏi
As a newbie who is just about to start playing a blockchain game for the first time, how do I get started on Liberty Finance? How easy would it be for me on the platform and is there a way I can get any assistance of any form from experienced gamers already on the platform?
JaysonSiver hỏi
Please elaborate on the benefits of #Liberty Finance`s NFTs in your platform? Is it intended for them to be held as simple collectors, or will they provide additional benefits? Do you then offer your own marketplace where people can sell and acquire "#Liberty Finance" NFTs?
AndersonCautho1 hỏi
Investors always look at the long term about any project. What are the benefits for investors holding your token for the long term? Which does key advantages #Liberty Finance project have in term of price stability, credible, mobility, liquidity, and technology?
VonderkellWilma hỏi
Community is support is one of the biggest aspects of a projects success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have ant special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?
LeliaStahlneck3 hỏi
How I can use Liberty Finance for in Liberty Finance ecosystem? Is there any reward mechanism for holding Liberty Finance? What are the benefits of holding it in the long term?
KimikoRigby1 hỏi
What types of users is "Liberty Finance` intended for? Is it simple for a novice investor to understand all the data and information you provide? Or does it require a minimum of knowledge to be able to understand it?
Camelli98945852 hỏi
Who is your project`s biggest rival? In the future, does your project have a plan to beat your rival or cooperate with them? I think that will be a huge step forward for your project.
PrintersSteven hỏi
Can you tell about #Liberty Finance project listing plans? Specially the ones involving major exchanges , CEX and DEX. What types Partnerships you are looking for and what values would they bring ?
ErkerViolet hỏi
What is your #Liberty Finance major strength that you believe to help you succeed and survive among the countless number of projects that are being launched during these days? How will you generate revenue to sustain the project, and how will you attract more users in the future?
OsowskiRobt hỏi
I wanted to follow your project for the long term. Where i can get all the latest news about your project? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?
SellDaniell hỏi
The common problem that often account Blockchain projects is that smart contract vulnerability can lead to loss of funds, what steps has your projects taken for solve to fix this major problem and prevent such occurrences in the future?
BummVannessa hỏi
Why do you think that demand & use of Liberty Finance will increase in Future & all governments & Enterprises will adopt & done partnerships with Liberty Finance Blockchain Project?
MorrisFiggs hỏi
#GameFi now takes everybody`s interest on the crypto world. With the mixed entertainment and profit we can get on GameFi Play-To-Earn games, even non gamers are interested on it. Is #Liberty Finance compatible also for Non Gamers in the crypto space ?Will this be limited for gamers?
lonwhittley hỏi
You say that with Liberty Finance a more interesting way of making collectible art in Blockchain will be achieved, but will it be that with it the NFTs will have many more uses? Or really what will make it more interesting? and also only Liberty Finance can make NFTs more interesting?
dayspilar hỏi
As $Liberty Finance token IDO is ongoing on many platforms, can you give us more details of the token utility as well as its roles within the ecosystem? After the IDO, any plans on DEX/CEX listing and what are your next steps to keep the token price stable and increase its scarcity?
HugeLoralee hỏi
For a start-up project, developers play a very important role. To become the next-generation cross-chain oracle solutions – it needs better, faster, accurate, and more secure. Can you brief us how Liberty Finance overcomes challenges to achieves all of these functions?
SylvesterKradel hỏi
Typically, investors buy tokens that are likely to increase in price in the future. I saw that, total supply of the token is huge. So, do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?
SpadardJewel hỏi
The NFT Gaming Market is still small when compared to Traditional Gaming markets. The mainstream adoption of the project is so important for its success in long term. So HowLiberty Finance planning to attract the non Crypto users, the traditional investors and gamers?
SchleckDanial hỏi
There are too many DeFi security incidents since the market starts to be prosperous, and the security of DeFi is a big concern for users. So what measures does your project take to safeguard the users’ assets?
farlinvernita hỏi
Could you describe us about your project "#Liberty Finance" . What is your project about and how can we see it in action?
DivanFranchesca hỏi
Lending, Borrowing and other DeFi services are so much repeated in many DeFi projects, so what is the real innovation that Liberty Finance is bringing to DeFi? What are you able to do that other cannot?
WilsonCushard hỏi
Transparency and traceability are the core values of a project. Can you share some details about the transparency of your project? How can we be sure that you are not like other scam projects?
DickSantagata1 hỏi
Can we (as a token holders) participate in governance of Liberty Finance project? And what mechanism has you implement to make sure the Fairness of decisions making between small and big investor?
GeraldoRelf hỏi
How to make your project successful in the future? How do you promote project in your local community or just outside your country? Finally, what is the vision and mission of your project and is this project long term?
BernieceOlague hỏi
There are few products on the market today that are able to allow investors to view their portfolio from a single dashboard and allow them to see a variety of features. So what kind of features or information will users be able to see in your product?
PattyHalford2 hỏi
The main source of community instability has been found as Speculators. You can`t totally prevent speculators from participating, but you can limit their participation. How will you deal with this problem, and what policies do you have in place to keep speculators at bay?
MuckermanMarc hỏi
Who will have the final say in business development and decisions? How influential is the elected representative in terms of business and development decisions? Will the company have some kind of veto power when it comes to decision making?
StrokerArt hỏi
Partnerships are one of the important factors for every project. Could you name some of Liberty Finance partners? What are the benefits that you get from them? And is there any partnership that will be established in the near future?
FaustoEbeling hỏi
Do the $Liberty Finance token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? and Do you have any plan to create other feature? Maybe yield farm, stake, or NFT project? Can you explain more detail?
RowsePerry hỏi
Is #Liberty Finance a 100% community token? If yes, how can the community contribute to the progress of Liberty Finance ? Do you have a Governance model? Is there an ambassador or bug bounty or contest we can assist in so as to enable further adoption?
KnaubJavier hỏi
No. 1-increasing token price. 2-making token valuable. 3-building community trust. From these 3 aspects mentioned, which one is the most important aspect for you? If all of the above are important, which one would you do first?
MollySeckletst2 hỏi
Strategic partnerships with other blockchain are major role in the long run of a project. What do you think are the benefits from this collaboration? What is the next big thing, expected from the project?
BrunoMulch hỏi
It`s quite unfortunate that many projects have infiltrated the market with just white papers without having any genuine use cases. What are the main utilities of your coin?
LemuelTrautman hỏi
Tell me a bit about the tokenomics. Could you fill us in about what makes $Liberty Finance an interesting project to hold? The reflection, of course, is always an appealing source of passive gains. What else makes it interesting?
rhomevince hỏi
It`s easy to make a token but it`s really hard to make a token valuable. So what`s your strategy to make your $Liberty Finance token more valuable and what`s your plan to maintain $Liberty Finance token price and supply?
KatheVisker2 hỏi
Not everyone knows about this project, in order to get more attention, what are other central exchanges are you listing your project and how long is it going to take to be achieved?
EgelJann hỏi
the user has to do? How much does the user earn for each task and do you plan to pay with your token or will it be another token? When will these missions be ready?
MarsellaTaylor hỏi
Currently attracting real users and mass Adoption is a problem for Blockchain projects. So How will #Liberty Finance solve this problem? And What are the benefits of holding $Liberty Finance token in the long term?
amoawalter hỏi
What big benefit to top $Liberty Finance holders ?What are the use cases of your token, and how are we as users motivated to buy and hold long term? Does #Liberty Finance do anything to protect users holding tokens from being hacked?
VilarCleta hỏi
As I see from your website, you have been verified by CERTIK is there any plan to get your smart contract verified by other Companies? as that may reveal other errors which might not be seen by CERTIK.
JavierKnaub hỏi
How do you convince $Liberty Finance Token holders that their investment is secure within your platform? And also your smart Contract has been already audit?. Can you tell us more details about the audit? Can anyone access to the locked liquidity pool on pancakeswap?
AmiMazzara hỏi
DeFi is one of the hottest topic in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think that DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system? What is "Liberty Finance` approach towards the DeFi sector?
WashingAmparo hỏi
The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. How can Liberty Finance Platform bridge this to attract more traditional players to try new blockchain-based games? What`s your plan to expand the adoption of your project to the traditional gamers?
LacyPlain hỏi
Regarding your roadmap, I think it is actually very short as this is a crypto project... Considering it tells us What you have planned until 2023, tell us here, What are the plans for the future, and How do you hope to do these?
jonasfrayne hỏi
A blockchain technology/world is also available for gamers to switch into, but they aren`t aware of it because they are busy playing games. Now the question is, how are you going to educate the gamers who have no idea about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?
MortonWhiton1 hỏi
Creating a mainstream-grade experience for both end-users and NFT creators should be a number one priority for NFTs based project. Could you give examples of modifications being made by #Liberty Finance to ensure users have a seamless and smooth experience?
WendolynKrakow2 hỏi
All platform that use a SWAP mechanism, must affront 2 issues, the low Liquidity ( that cause Big spreads between orders) and Slippages, so can you tell me how you will solve this instrinsic limitations?
YoungFlom hỏi
Do you create any tokenburn roadmaps for increasing the token value for customer benefits? Where can we buy Liberty Finance ? Do you have plan to list on more exchange? If yes, when & where?
AraTisdell hỏi
Play to earn games is one of 2023`s biggest trend but however They can be complex for new users and suffer from poor UX design. Did you guys do anything to solve this and make it handy for new users?
HomerLevreault hỏi
You talk about new partnerships and cooperation agreements as key plans for the future, could you tell us about your current partnerships? What does #Liberty Finance look for in a partner? What projects or organizations do you already have a relationship with?
FaustoOrtlieb hỏi
The SUCCESS of a project also depends on how big the COMMUNITY is. Do you have any plans to spread awareness to crypto users and non crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries that may be barred from accessing Liberty Finance Project?
moirawitaker hỏi
Has your project already been audited? Can I trust your platform?
LauraleeHarken7 hỏi
Is there a possibility of passive income on your platform?
DuceyKaroline hỏi
Who are you collaborating with? Do you have partners known in the crypto-currency field?
JackiDarrin hỏi
Your token is very weakly traded on exchanges, there are almost no volumes, why is this happening?
MadaleneTigney hỏi
When can I play your games, are they available on the smartphone?
TysonQuiver1 hỏi
For the DEX of the Liberty Finance platform, should we consider it as a fork of Sushi Swap or Uniswap, or will your DEX have a more advantageous and technically different structure? , Is the Liberty Finance DEX transparent for the swap process?
LynnaKrantz1 hỏi
Without an working products any idea has zero value. We see many projects are on paper only and no product. So, kindly ensure us that your project is just not an idea and it`s already has an working products or practical usecases?
JohannaBrakeman hỏi
I love this project is placing importance on the community aspect. It’s something that I think is lacking in a lot of projects. How can us early investors really help project grow before it launches?
ekemmett hỏi
We can know together There are many types of Play-2-Earn games on the market today. So how is Liberty Finance different from other multi-chain NFT games? And what innovative Solution did Liberty Finance bring to topple its competitors with a similar offering in NFT P2E games?
LofwallMui hỏi
I can`t find enought information about your tokenomics on the website. Can you provide more details? What percentage of bets have you made? Will your platform go the coin burning route?
chappleocie hỏi
As we know Nobody can guarantee the security of a smart contract. But Audit plays an important role in finding out the known bugs of smart contracts. Can you tell us how strongLiberty Finance security system is? Have you done an audit by any third party before?
ReedRuse hỏi
As a very young and new project, how can you convince crypto users that #Liberty Finance project is a project with lots of potentials and what competitive, unique or advantage features do you have that will attract investors from your users?
VenthWilletta hỏi
I would love to stake $Liberty Finance, how does Staking work, what`s the minimum amount of $Liberty Finance I need to stake, the prospective annual returns and anymore information I need to know?
RogackiSherrill hỏi
What’s your vision ultimately? What is project trying to achieve in the longer term and how do you plan to get there? How will your ultimate vision and mission make a difference in the world?
DarwinMoomey hỏi
As a super modern Gaming platform, provide ultimate utility for Gaming & $NFT projects. The platform is designed to be fair and easy to use. So, can you tell us some of the ultimate utilities of your gaming and $NFT project? How easy to use and user-friendly is your platform?
VitoNasciment10 hỏi
Axie Infinity is one of the iconic games of today, which generates some of the best profits in this market for its players. So, what are Liberty Finance plans to become a platform similar or better than Axie? In what ways do they plan to outperform their competition?
ardannoe hỏi
You have already carried out an audit where you obtained successful results, but you raised a second audit. What areas of the platform have not yet been audited or what is the reason why you will resort to a new audit? is there something you want to correct?
BeckertMozell hỏi
Audit is important for both trust and security? Have you done any audit of project? Is internal audit equipped to offer independent assurance of the technology, policies, and controls?
JeffereyGreyda1 hỏi
During building #Liberty Finance project, did you take into account community feedback and needs? Since it is necessary to popularize your knowledge of cryptocurrencies today, do you have any plans to attract people who do not know about cryptocurrencies and BLOCKCHAIN?
kobaraamos hỏi
As I understand it, significant backing and collaborations in the crypto sector can be quite beneficial to new enterprises. Can you tell us about your project`s investors and partners at this point? What benefits do you expect them to bring to theLiberty Finance ecosystem?
TashinaSauriol hỏi
What is your long-term vision about the industry which you are working on? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project?
DarwinMagiersk2 hỏi
With hacks happening often, security is now at the heart of every user, so could you elaborate on how Liberty Finance strengthens its security measures, risk policy etc to safeguard your protocols?
RichardBrilows2 hỏi
When providing liquidity, many participants only look at the APY and APR figures to decide whether or not to include it as an input, but what form would you toake if you were to make sure that the company is seen as an attractive investment over the long term?
BatlleDino hỏi
The issue with existing launchpad platforms is the lack of transparency in token launches. Usually, beginners are not given any opportunity in token launches. So, how can you ensure fairness to all the contributors to the platform?
LevaySam hỏi
I need to know your plan on how you intend attracting users to your platform from all over the world, be it crypto and non crypto enthusiasts? Currently are there any regional and legal limitations to using your project?
DomenicPatrie1 hỏi
I think no one can reach success without have an enthusiastic community support, even if they did best. However most projects currently ignore own users feedbacks and suggestions. so, I am curious which position your community will take part in your project.
KuhryYong hỏi
Just curious about the chosen name for your project. Can we ask why did you name it #Liberty Finance ? About the spelling, maybe it should be #Liberty Finance, so just wondering why spelled it that way? Is there any reason or story behind it and what does this name mean?
ErwinKatsch3 hỏi
Plenty of token-based initiatives have since emerged to tap on this demand, but often struggle to live up to the promises behind the tokens. This ultimately perpetuates skepticism and erodes investor confidence. So how do you neglect all of this things?
ToryFecteau hỏi
I have been reading about your project but I didn`t find much information about governance or the role that the community plays in project decisions. So, How important is the community vote for decision making in your project & what mechanisms have you established?
ReedMartha4 hỏi
What is the uniqueness of Liberty Finance not be found in other project that`s been released so far ? What influence do we have in the crypto industry? And What stage of development is Liberty Finance in at the moment?
LienKubeika hỏi
I notice #Liberty Finance giving a lot of rewards for its token holders. Are there certain conditions so that holders can get rewards? and do you still get profit if you give a lot of rewards to investors?
RandallDoud hỏi
Once the product is developed, one of the main challenges seems to be adoption. What are some of the plans to stimulate adoption and build out the ecosystem around Liberty Finance?
MiraSeavy hỏi
Now users are looking for games with Play to Earn function as a new way to earn money and increase their income faster. What`s so interesting about #Liberty Finance about the money that can be earned by playing? How is evenue generated, is it just by selling NFT or native token?
GaleBecena hỏi
How secure will smart contracts be? Will the code be audited by an outsider before the public launch? And Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, How can I be one ?
MccraeTera hỏi
Can I buy your tokens right now, and if so, which wallets do you support? Can you tell me about your team`s history? How will you and your team complete this project in the midst of the current pandemic (COV-19)?
CheryllBerth hỏi
Revenue and adoption are the main points of all projects, can you tell us your Business model and How Liberty Finance generate revenue? And what makes Liberty Finance unique compared to other project?
GranvilleMcswa2 hỏi
During these days, be a Multi-chain platform is an obligation to be considered a competitive project, so can you explain who how many chains are you able to support?
EmmanuelKukler hỏi
It is critical for users to understand that the projects posted on #Liberty Finance are of high quality. So, could you describe how the listing process works? What are the criteria you use to evaluate the projects?
patriedomenic hỏi
You describe that you will have a large volume thanks to the gaming platform that you will have, but really what is the theme of your games? And also, how do you know that these games will attract gamers in order to increase their volume as necessary?
jewelnowlen hỏi
Feature is the most vital thing in building project growth, a product will not develop without good feature and promotion, whatever it is good. Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over your project?
GurneyGrady hỏi
Projects recently frauds investors by saying their smart contracts were exploited. Have you done any AUDIT and what security measures are adopted ?
DanyellePettin4 hỏi
Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. My question is, how will you manage the project and the token to get a position in the market and become the best token in the crypto world?
FrymarkAntonio hỏi
For any project, its development is 90% dependent on how strong its team is. I have seen many projects fail, due to the lack of skills, experience and knowledge of the team. So, with #Liberty Finance, is the team qualified to achieve all your goals?
PhamHolli hỏi
Any blockchain startup need a strong sense of community. How do you intend to involve the community in #Liberty Finance project? Do you have any plans to start an ambassador programme or create dapps on #Liberty Finance platform? What will these ambassadors` responsibilities be?
MarkertBrock hỏi
We often hear that some cryptocurrency experience exploid by hackers, talking about the quality of the #Liberty Finance platform`s security. How confident #Liberty Finance to solve this issue?
TheronCurtis4 hỏi
I attended many P2E Blockchain and receive a lot of money but need spend a lot of time for it, Can you explain about P2E (Rewards, time and how to play) of #Liberty Finance?
HermanRampersa2 hỏi
What is the functionality of Liberty Finance token and its tokenomics? Will it be included on your staking derivative assets and reward for users? In terms of product development, what are your biggest expectations from the project you are working on right now?
RollandKinchen hỏi
During the 2021 I got scammed a few times, rug pulls - soft rugs etc. - how can we investors be sure that Liberty Finance will not be similar, are your contracts public & somewhere to be seen?
EricTerrasas2 hỏi
A question about $Liberty Finance token, the adoption of tokens into the ecosystem is one of the good things to increase its usability and spend, so what role does $Liberty Finance token play for the ecosystem?
KassieNissley hỏi
Winning is the most interesting part of the NFT gaming industry. #Liberty Finance allows players to not only have fun playing, but also invest their time and money to get a great return as profit. So, What are the different ways to earn income that #Liberty Finance offers to its users?
ashleenehrt hỏi
Partners are an essential element of every project. It can help the project make more impressions and attract more users. Who is Liberty Finance partner? What benefits do they get from the project and vice versa?
RuebenProvazek hỏi
Token burning is beneficial to any project because it can control the number of tokens in circulation and provide investors with greater incentives. Does your great project have a plan for token burning?
randalvirkler hỏi
One of the problems in NFT Gaming is balancing between engaging gameplay and money-making for users? Which can be abused by users. So how will #Liberty Finance balance the two together so that #Liberty Finance will not be seen only as a money making platform for users.
DybalaMarshall hỏi
I know your project is still in early stages and there is not much information regarding the technical details of the project. So, Can you give us a quick review of what your project actually offers and how can users generate profit from your project?
dyanlafon hỏi
About the tokenomics? Could you give us an overview of the tokenomics? Is the token designed to rise and fall with the success of the platform? And does it include any scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?
BaillioStephen hỏi
I wonder if the #Liberty Finance platform is specifically for gamers? What about non-gamer users? Can they still generate income even without playing your game? If so, what are the other possible ways?
tkachemmett hỏi
For both investors and users, the platform must be excellent Integrity necessitates openness and trustworthiness. Tell us more about your transparency (such as team members) and your security measures. Is your platform currently being audited?
GermaineQuelle2 hỏi
NFT is truly cutting-edge and news coverage has exploded - enabling people to buy and sell digital assets like never before. "#Liberty Finance" can be defined as "NFT oriented game". What types of assets can players interact with? How do you promote competition and skills
churleydewey hỏi
After checking the website, #Liberty Finance vision & Mission is good. but it needs a large user traffic to be sustainable over time. What is your marketing strategy to increase the validity of your project brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project?
AltesRashad hỏi
Building and giving trust to the community is one of the toughest challenges because of the many frauds and crimes happening in crypto today, how can you solve this problem and convince investors to invest?
CharleenSillit4 hỏi
There is a huge market for artists in today`s world. So how does Liberty Finance plan to attract a large number of artists to the platform and thus gain visibility and build a good user base? also do you have any incentives for the first artists?
GroverMunyon hỏi
It is possible to reduce the supply rate of Liberty Finance coins? What benefits does the Liberty Finance token bring to the commnunity? What is the basis for believing that the Liberty Finance toke is an asset to invest in the future?
ChanceMcbain hỏi
Why do you allocate so much to public IDOs?Wouldn`t it be risky if early profit-seeking investors dumped most of the presale tokens back into circulation as soon as you launched them?
KristoferSneth1 hỏi
We are living in the advent of YIELD FARMING and Liqiudity Mining, can you share your personal opinion on Yield Farming and also Briefly explain your Liquidity Mining Program? -
LanghoutRandee hỏi
One of the drawbacks of some P2E games is that they require a high initial investment to start playing, many of which are very expensive. Can we start playing #Liberty Finance with a small amount of capital? Will there be any discounts or benefits for early subscribers?
ChavousTommie hỏi
Security is one of the important factors, how about security in Liberty Finance? Do all users have to KYC before they can access the features? How about attacks or hacks from outside does Liberty Finance also allow bug hunters?
DomingoSchabot hỏi
Sir, when you are creating your project, will you consider the feedback and demands in the community? When you are creating your project, do you take into account the feedback and demands of the community?
MaxieHackenmil5 hỏi
In the current market there are much platforms/projects which are widely used so what are your plans for its more adoption- which attracts users eye? currently , What are the problems does #Liberty Finance is facing ?
porteroverkamp hỏi
So many "RUG PULLS" are here in crypto market .And many projects have been pulled in and out of scams recently . Why people should trust your project ? Do you have proper security for your project ?
LindsayOvitt hỏi
Many Gamers in the Blockchain world today are just happy to play games & don`t know about what is the meaning of Games that utilize Blockchain technology, So How Liberty Finance can educate gamers about the main functions & uses of Blockchain technology?
PadilliaIrwin hỏi
What killer features #Liberty Finance has that are ahead of the competition and how does intend to open up the technology to the community and to researchers so it can be continuously improved on ?
DekortRamiro hỏi
Many of the existing games in today’s crypto space have high barriers to entry, high entry fees, difficult for many Crypto Users to access My question is ,in Liberty Finance is it also necessary to pay an entry fee to access the game? If so, how easy is it to access the game?
RhettDavenport5 hỏi
Have u considered multiverse. How do u plan to stay put in the long haul given the rate of tech innovation in the metaverse world such as yours and not be replaced or become obsolete or outpaced by another innovative competitor. In other word what are your sustainability plans?
ScheurerMarjory hỏi
How many killer features of #Liberty Finance project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2-3 features ? And What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?
RafaelA96178619 hỏi
Tokens from all projects have main utility & practical goals. So can you tell us what is the main role of your token in the ecosystem? What are the real world utilities & use cases?
Candanc90418044 hỏi
Graphics aren`t everything and a 2D game can look amazing when combined with great art style. However, crypto games seem very cheap, does it feature an attractive design with gorgeous 3D images, beautiful art style, and realistic animations?
KimberleeLisena hỏi
To what extent have the recent bear market have on the project development and how have you been able to survive this longest bear market and continue building and developing?
nitulkepui hỏi
Due to the secutity vulnerabilities and hacking events that we have heard frequently recently, people can no longer trust most projects. #Liberty Finance atteches great importance to decentrakization, but how does it secure its own system, should investor be comfortable with this?
barbovina hỏi
I read that your project has been audited? So can you tell who audited your platform? Can you give us more details about the audit process? How will you provide overall security? And, how to bypass it to be more safe & reliable?
cletusbers hỏi
In these NFT games for making money, earning tokens is important. However, when there is too much, the value of your token can drop and then inflation occurs. How does #Liberty Finance work to avoid in-game inflation to maintain a relatively stable economy?
DinoBatlle hỏi
First and the most classic question about which the investors concerns greatly, what you would do to make them realize that after investing their funds in your project they are in safe hands? What About your security policy?
ZackaryGuilmet2 hỏi
Nearly 80% of investors only focus on the token price in the short term instead of finding out the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold your token for the long term?
DonovanPreis hỏi
Many User Game Projects are currently being created & have benefited many users, so How does Liberty Finance attract users when there are so many NFT games released every day? And what long term benefits does the Liberty Finance provide users?
fessendenhosea hỏi
And I heard everyone said that:Game token should not hold for a long time, do your project have any plan to keep holder not to trade quickly and dump price, and hold your token for a long time.
ChrisLabeau6 hỏi
The biggest barrier for DeFi is that of interoperability, providing cross chain interactions and multiple blockchains. So, how does #Liberty Finance solve these problems?
MaudeMcabier hỏi
I think the success of a blockchain project needs three essential parts: technology, business adoption(2B), and marketing(2C). I believe in the technology of you, so I`d like to know more about your business adoption and marketing plan.
MaxieHackenmil3 hỏi
?Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?
LourdesCosby7 hỏi
The gaming industry is fiercely competitive & several platforms have had to work exceptionally hard to achieve their current user counts. How will the #Liberty Finance team compete with existing gaming platforms & what features will you provide to gamers away from other platforms?
TommiePaola1 hỏi
Who are your competitors in the market and what make you ahead of them? And Incase if you don`t have direct competitors, then how will you maintain a good market share?
GimseOssie hỏi
Where does the latest technology your project uses come from? Are you afraid that one day your project`s technology will be obsoleted by other projects` technology if that happens, How will you solve it?
HelgesonConnie hỏi
Gaming sector is extremely competitive and many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How will Liberty Finance team compete with the existing gaming platforms & what extra will Liberty Finance offer to get the gamers from the other platforms?
ClarencePyanow1 hỏi
About your NFTs, can you explain further about the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Are they meant to be held as simple collectibles or will they have additional benefits? Also, will you have your own marketplace to sell and buy your NFTs?
IruegasMohamed hỏi
Real-life adoption is one of the key elements that all blockchain projects aim for. This is a crucial factor for long-term development projects. So, does you have any plans to put it into practice?
JacquelynnMcwh9 hỏi
I noticed you`ve done a lot of AMAs. My question is, what do you hope to gain from doing so many AMAs, and what are your community goals? Do you think the community plays an important part in the project?
DoopPinkie hỏi
I have personally seen a lot of projects launched with inexperienced team members, and some of them not doing well due to easily avoidable mistakes.. So how do you respond to this..?
jermainekogler hỏi
NFT & gamefi projects are trending in the crypto space. So,What are the various forms of Liberty Finance NFT plates used for?Where can we buy it?What is the use case like & what is the utility?Can users trade NFT through the built-in marketplace & can it be used outside of games
bollinman hỏi
There seems to be a possibility that there is a problem with the copyright as it is similar to the other game characters among the illustrations of #Liberty Finance, but I wonder if there is any problem with the copyright.
GingerHaag1 hỏi
Has the smart contract been audited? Is there any safety mechanism to prevent overminting (to prevent any foul play/hacks)? How does "Liberty Finance" apply for a witness node or deploy/manage a smart contract ?
ShentonMirella hỏi
As we see current Gaming projects, the in-game utilities price gets increased as the project gets hype, BUT this restricts new players to join the game due to High Prices of Utilities! How will #Liberty Finance solve this issue and attract new players in hyped space as well?
PearlyRussel hỏi
Currently many projects collect donations unfairly by saying that we’ll help charities. If you really did this? Will community decide which organization will be the charity platform? Have charitable organizations been identified for the assistance that has been provided?
LauraleeHarken4 hỏi
The size of the community has an impact on the success of a project. Do you plan to educate both crypto and non-crypto individuals all over the world? Is it possible that countries that do not speak English may be denied access to the your Project?
HeerenRay hỏi
People of a cipher currency say that the next boom happens in NFT behind DeFi. Do you agree to this? And what is a plan for the concept of NFT/project built based on technology? Is there a future idea about NFT?
DeslaurierThea hỏi
Gaming Industry is where the True Value Digital Assets get unlocked and how gamers don`t have enough methods for providing Liquidity, Can you tell me how "Liberty Finance" will address the issue of most Gaming sectors? How will you unlock the value of gaming assets?
claudecockett hỏi
It`s important for a project`s success to bring in more investors who aren`t yet in the crypto world. What plans do you have to raise awareness of your platform in non-crypto space?
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